America In The Balance: God’s Perspective on Nations and What to Do

Did you know that God uses rising national debt, gridlocked government, and deteriorating family structures to expose a nation’s spiritual waywardness?

Did you know that the Bible answers the question of whether God is on America’s side?

Did you know that God has a purpose for nations in His redemptive plan?

America in the Balance addresses these issues and many more! Focused on God’s justice and its implications for nations today, this ten-lesson discussion-oriented study is ideal for those who want to talk about real issues using a biblical lens. Intentionally designed to be facilitated by individuals without teaching experience, Bible training, or an extensive knowledge of the subject, America in the Balance guides groups through an interactive discovery process. Each lesson is a blend of teaching insights, Scripture references, and group discussion questions.

Download the FREE teacher’s guide and student notebook, or download the personal workbook which is formatted for individual use.


Lesson 1
Does God Care About Nations Today?
Lesson 2
How Does God Interact with Nations?
Lesson 3
Is God on America’s Side?
Lesson 4
In What Ways Is America in Jeopardy? (Part 1)
Lesson 5
In What Ways Is America in Jeopardy? (Part 2)
Lesson 6
In Challenging Days, Are Christians Protected?
Lesson 7
Will You Contrast the World?
Lesson 8
Will You Take New Ground?
Lesson 9
Will You Minister in Power?
Lesson 10
The Way Forward

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