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Chaos – The New Normal That Must Be Replaced

By David Warn | June 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Stunned, I sat listening to an African American brother in Christ explain that last weekend, near the area in Chicago where he grew up, 104 Blacks were shot—almost exclusively by other Blacks—and 14 died. As our conversation concluded, his remarks piqued my interest: “Where is Black Lives Matter now? Why are there no protests over…

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Something Must Change

Something Must Change

By Timothy Zebell | June 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Where are we as a nation when a pagan is giving greater voice to truth than our Christian leaders? And how is it that she managed to stand more firm in her beliefs when she came under fire for her boldness than what I often witness in the Christian community? Perhaps it is time we…

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Leadership that Matters

Leadership That Matters

In Jeremiah’s day, the religious leaders neglected their responsibility by declaring that everything was good. What about us? Do we declare peace when, from God’s perspective, there are deeply consequential issues that are not being addressed?

America in the Balance Bible Study

America in the Balance Bible Study

God has a purpose for nations in His redemptive plan, and He uses such things as a rising national debt, a gridlocked government, and deteriorating family structures to expose a nation’s spiritual waywardness.


Calling All Evangelists and Prophets

Recently, I had two surprising conversations. In both cases, those whom I engaged were excited about President Trump’s accomplishments, such as: tax cuts, lower unemployment, the U.S. embassy in Israel moving to Jerusalem, and in addition to Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, the further possibility of the court moving in a more conservative…


Will Our Efforts Carry the Day?

In addition to warning people about our nation’s trajectory (Jer. 18:7–10), God has called me to help Christians see much greater fruit (Acts 8:1–40). Indeed, “Enormous Fruit” was the title of my March 14 blog.   However, recently I found myself getting off-track and experiencing less fruit. You might say I was becoming muddled in…

What God Taught Me at a Trump Rally

What God Taught Me at a Trump Rally

Linda Zebell, wife of Forerunners’ staff Timothy Zebell is today’s guest blogger, having written this in collaboration with her husband.   Adrenaline flooded my body as I stood in line with my family. I was moments away from participating in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All that stood between me and my destination was a metal detector…


Provision During Difficulty

Recently I listened to financial expert, Gregg Healey,call people out of Babylon. That is, he challenged his listeners to reject an economic system that God has promised to judge with astonishing severity (Rev. 18:1–24). Upon the conclusion of his message, I found myself asking, “what is God calling me to do?” The following briefly summarizes…

Come Out of Babylon

Come out of Babylon

Gregg Healey, the founder of New Breed is today’s guest blogger. Welcome Gregg!   According to Scripture, there is a time for believers to come out of Babylon: “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues… she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong…

Enormous Fruit

Enormous Fruit

Enormous Fruit For years I have found myself inspired by the enormous fruit that characterized Philip’s life (Acts 8:1–40). His ministry reads like an action thriller: on the run for his life, he fearlessly stops to proclaim the good news of Jesus in Samaria; the enemy is defeated at every turn; the lame walk, and…

Sexual Misconduct Allegations are Everywhere - but What is God Doing

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Everywhere – but What Is God up To?

Friday, outraged parent Randall Margraves lunged at sex offender Larry Nassar in a court room for violating his three daughters. This incident put sexual misconduct front and center in the news . . . again. Week after week, month after month, prominent people are losing their jobs over sexual improprieties, and are landing in court…


North Korea—Is an Easy Fix What We Really Want?

Over the past few days, North Korea has launched a missile over Japan, detonated a hydrogen bomb (which was five times more powerful than any bomb they had detonated prior), and has threatened America with an EMP strike. Rather than backing down in the face of international pressure, North Korean rhetoric and blatant taunting of the U.S. has escalated since my August 16 post.   Not only is the North Korean threat headline…