2020: A Year of Deception

By David Warn | November 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

  “And the angel threw him [Satan] into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer.” Revelation 20:3   Revelation 20 teaches that Satan not only attempts to deceive you and I individually, but that he schemes to deceive entire nations. Due to…

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It’s Go-Time for Prayer Warriors

By David Warn | September 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

Little did I know what was about to unfold when I urgently called us to prayer for the month of September in my last blog. … We need prayer now more than ever. Whether it’s sharing the gospel, praying for the next Supreme Court justice, speaking the truth about BLM and COVID-19, or crying out to God day and night for mercy for our nation, it is go-time for Christian prayer warriors in America….

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Spiritual Preparation (Part 2)

As we continue our spiritual preparation journey, what else are we to do? As much as possible, we must know what to do. So, let’s continue.   Fourth, prepare in community. In light of what I believe is coming to our nation, it would be a serious miscalculation for one person to try to make…


Spiritual Preparation (Part 1)

The title above assumes that something is coming to our nation for which we need to prepare.   Whether we look at the declining influence of Christianity in America, the humanistic stronghold on higher education (an atmosphere in which I ministered for 27 years), the mainstreaming of sexual perversion, or the national debt closing in…


Blog Launch

Welcome to FOA’s blog launch! I am excited to have the opportunity to regularly post a variety of insights that will help people discern the hour in our nation—that is, understand what’s going on and why—and respond in faith (not fear).   As the months have clipped by with so many eye-opening realities suddenly on…