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Why Debt?

We can join God in faithful obedience to Him, or we can choose to stand in opposition to Him. A nation that acts in obedience to God’s commands need not fear judgment. However, any nation is subject to judgment if it sins.

Sometimes God troubles nations in an effort to alert them to their waywardness and the peril of continuing to ignore His moral commands. Such times of difficulty often provide Christians opportunities to contrast the culture and to guide people back to God. Debt is one way that God troubles nations.

Should Christians Be Preppers

Should Christians Be Preppers?

By Timothy Zebell | March 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

The swift decline of Venezuela and the sudden collapse of strategic infrastructure serve as a visceral reminder that we are not promised tomorrow (James 4:13–14), nor are we promised endless peace and prosperity (1 Thess. 5:3). In light of this, should Christians be “Preppers,” or should they wait and trust upon the Lord to provide for them in times of difficulty?

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Is there a Spiritual Issue Behind the National Debt

Is There a Spiritual Issue behind the National Debt?

By Timothy Zebell | December 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

It appears that our economy is far more precarious than we realize. As a nation, we are drowning in a sea of debt. On the campaign trail, President Trump and his fellow Republicans preached fiscal responsibility, nevertheless, despite Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate, America continues to increase its debt…

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Bonds - A Precarious Investment

Bonds: A Precarious Investment

Founder of Dent Research and former financial consultant, Harry Dent, notes that young people tend to produce an inflationary economy while older people tend to produce a deflationary economy.[1] As America’s Baby Boomer generation begins to retire, the country’s demographics increasingly shift toward an older population with a decreasing workforce. In his book The Sale of…

Banks - A Precarious Investment

Banks: A Precarious Investment

Banks were once the icon of financial security, but this changed in 2008 when they threatened to usher in an economic apocalypse due to their poor trading habits. Too much borrowing, foolish investments, misguided regulation, and a lack of transparency created a perfect storm that was only quelled by a massive taxpayer bailout known as…

Are We Pauper Princes

Are We Pauper Princes?

Like squirrels, we stock away our wealth in investment funds, hoping for the day when the miracle of compound interest and savvy financial management will finance our sunset years. While there is wisdom in this, many Americans have gone a step too far. Their focus is entirely on fulfilling personal goals and desires. Chances are…