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Persevering through a Never-Ending Election

Persevering through a Never-Ending Election

By Timothy Zebell | November 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

What must a candidate show in court to invalidate an entire state’s election results? This is the unprecedented question at play in the 2020 presidential election. … there appears to be a spirit of fatigue upon our nation and upon our churches. We’ve simply found this entire process to be too exhausting and tiresome. Consequently…

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2020: A Year of Deception

By David Warn | November 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

  “And the angel threw him [Satan] into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer.” Revelation 20:3   Revelation 20 teaches that Satan not only attempts to deceive you and I individually, but that he schemes to deceive entire nations. Due to…

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Joe Biden

INSIGHTS: What a Biden Presidency Means for Christians

Although not yet certified by the states, the media has concluded that Joe Biden is the new President-elect. If the media is correct, what will a Biden/Harris administration mean for Christians? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos point out likely shifts in the direction of our country with biblical implications that we must discern now.

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What Should Christians Do in This Contested Election?

What Should Christians Do in This Contested Election?

Pastor Gary Hamrick warned in the days preceding the 2020 election that the devil is prowling around looking for a nation to devour. Indeed, our elections are a pivotal battlefield in our spiritual war. It is through our election process that we…

Why Contesting This Election Should Matter to Every Christian

Why Contesting This Election Should Matter to Every Christian

Granted, the media has all but coronated Joe Biden, but with 80 electoral college votes across seven states in dispute, neither candidate is close to crossing the 270 vote threshold. As the vote stands today, President Trump is slightly leading with 232 votes to Joe Biden’s 226 votes. … Our news media may have little interest in charges of election fraud, but God cares deeply about the integrity of the vote. According to Proverbs 20:23…

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INSIGHTS: John Piper’s Non-Voting Nonsense

Recently Dr. John Piper posted an article, “The Persons, Policies, and Paths to Ruin” concerning the 2020 presidential election. Piper’s conclusion? He’s not voting for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Is this the right perspective? Is Dr. Piper misinformed on the candidates positions and character? If so, how? Is John Piper theologically misinformed? If so, how? In this edition of INSIGHTS – audio version available at Apple podcasts and Spotify – Dave Warn and Eddie Ruiz explain why Dr. Piper has gone off the rails and why we need to get out to vote. As Dave and Eddie put it, “Non-voting is nonsense!”

The Election Message Pastors Are Reluctant to Share

The Election Message Pastors Are Reluctant to Share

The contrast between the two party platforms represented in Tuesday’s election and their vision for America cannot be more stark. These are not two paths to the same ultimate goal for America. Instead, they are diverging paths that lead to entirely different futures with entirely different conclusions on moral issues. America stands at a crossroad of decision, and God expects His people to engage in upholding truth and preserving what remains of our Christian heritage….

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Before You Vote

The policies and moral values on the ballot this Tuesday are the very things that mobilize God to either bless or judge nations. This Tuesday, we have the opportunity to participate in determining the course of our country. Perhaps our choices are not as ideal as we may prefer, but the contrast between the two visions for America could not be more stark. For those still struggling to know how best to vote in alignment with our faith, perhaps these articles and videos will be helpful as you…

What Gethsemane Teaches Us about the Election

What Gethsemane Teaches Us about the Election

Faced with the greatest decision of all time, Jesus fell to His knees in the Garden of Gethsemane and asked that His disciples likewise pray. Unfortunately, Jesus’ disciples did not feel the weight of the moment. Instead, they drifted into slumber—twice. Today the fate of humanity may not rest in the balance, but the fate of our nation very well may. We are 13 days from…

INSIGHTS: What the Bible Says About Election Day

In recent years, politicians have frequently drifted into the realm of faith and moral issues, often promoting legislation that contradicts God’s Word! Yet, God never intended for the church to be silent on these issues. In fact it is these very issues that are related to why God will either bless a nation or judge a nation. The November 3rd election is a choice between electing government leaders who will lead our nation toward God or will lead our nation into greater rebellion against God. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos highlight many Scriptures that prove Christians are to influence the entire culture – including government – and that November 3rd can be a vital step in seeing our nation turn back to God. Guaranteed, this is a fresh look at faith and government – far more biblical look than many who have attempted to address this topic – and is a position that most Christians have not considered.

Should Christians Drop Out of Politics and Stop Fighting Culture Wars

Should Christians Drop Out of Politics and Stop Fighting Culture Wars?

Someone might say, “Christians need to drop out of politics and the culture wars. Otherwise, our witness will be tainted, and that’s the biggest issue. Let us be known as being for Jesus instead of being against all these other things.” … For me, the bottom line is simple…