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The Truth Behind America's Trickiest Holiday and How to Navigate It

The Truth Behind America’s Trickiest Holiday and How to Navigate It

By Timothy Zebell | September 22, 2021

Anyone who has investigated the subject knows how controversial and confusing it is. What few resources exist to guide Christians are often oversimplified, based upon faulty research, and completely contradictory to one another. Moreover, most of the suggestions for how to…

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Ecosexual Foolishness - A New Low, Even for CNN

Ecosexual Foolishness: A New Low, Even for CNN

By Timothy Zebell | August 18, 2021

Just when we think we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel for serious reporting by CNN, we discover there are even greater depths of foolishness. … The picture adorning the article is worth a thousand words. It shows an eccentric, lesbian couple hugging a tree while arrayed in purple outfits that look like something stolen from the aliens in a 1950s B-grade science fiction movie….

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An Olympic Disaster

An Olympic Disaster: When Representatives Bring Disgrace

By Timothy Zebell | July 28, 2021

The abysmal ratings of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony reflect America’s frustration with woke athletes who care more about virtue signaling, social media, and their personal brand than the sport they play or the country they supposedly represent. … as Americans, we do not appreciate being misrepresented to the world. However, we are not alone in this sentiment…

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Public Matters Are Subject to Public Critique

Why Contesting This Election Should Matter to Every Christian

By Timothy Zebell | November 9, 2020

Granted, the media has all but coronated Joe Biden, but with 80 electoral college votes across seven states in dispute, neither candidate is close to crossing the 270 vote threshold. As the vote stands today, President Trump is slightly leading with 232 votes to Joe Biden’s 226 votes. … Our news media may have little interest in charges of election fraud, but God cares deeply about the integrity of the vote. According to Proverbs 20:23…

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Should Christians Drop Out of Politics and Stop Fighting Culture Wars

Should Christians Drop Out of Politics and Stop Fighting Culture Wars?

By forerunner | October 14, 2020

Someone might say, “Christians need to drop out of politics and the culture wars. Otherwise, our witness will be tainted, and that’s the biggest issue. Let us be known as being for Jesus instead of being against all these other things.” … For me, the bottom line is simple…

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November 3rd - Trump vs Biden or Something Bigger

November 3rd—Trump vs. Biden, or Something Bigger?

By Timothy Zebell | October 7, 2020

For many the first presidential debate of 2020 highlighted a question with which they’ve long struggled: How could anyone support and vote for such a foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, bully who has seemingly single-handedly destroyed civil public discourse in America? … Like it or not, one of two people will be president come January 20, 2021. … Yet, as contentious as these two candidates have proven to be with each other, something bigger is at play…

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Justice Ginsburg Now Stands before the Ultimate Judge

Justice Ginsburg Now Stands before the Ultimate Judge

By Timothy Zebell | September 21, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it ought to be how fragile life truly is and that, as James 3:13–15 cautions us, we should never take tomorrow for granted. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed from this life on Friday due to metastasized cancer. While the temptation is strong to immediately begin the political calculations…

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Do the Emmy Awards Indicate We Are Drifting into Oblivion

Do the Emmy Awards Indicate We Are Drifting Into Oblivion?

By Timothy Zebell | July 30, 2020

On Tuesday, it was announced that FOX’s ‘Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Starring Jennifer Lopez And Shakira’ picked up four Emmy Award nominations … Superbowl LIV now seems like a distant memory from another lifetime, but it is worth recalling that this halftime show was especially scandalous….

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What Is Cultural Hegemony - Hammer & Sickle

What Is Cultural Hegemony?

By Timothy Zebell | July 27, 2020

Demands that we defund and abolish the police, the New York Times’ 1619 alternative history project, open calls for Marxism, Robin Diangelo’s book White Fragility, and a myriad of other seismic cultural shifts rely upon a concept sometimes called “cultural hegemony.” It is vital that as Christians we understand this concept….

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