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Why Racial Issues?

Articles to help in preparing God's people to both stand firm and minister through these difficulties

It’s Go-Time for Prayer Warriors

By David Warn | September 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

Little did I know what was about to unfold when I urgently called us to prayer for the month of September in my last blog. … We need prayer now more than ever. Whether it’s sharing the gospel, praying for the next Supreme Court justice, speaking the truth about BLM and COVID-19, or crying out to God day and night for mercy for our nation, it is go-time for Christian prayer warriors in America….

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What Is Whiteness and Ethnocentrism?

What Are Whiteness and Ethnocentrism?

By Timothy Zebell | September 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Our society is rife with examples of conflict between communities … Sometimes communities deliberately make others feel unwanted, but often these social cues are relayed subconsciously. … Recently this idea has become an important part of our national conversation on racial issues….

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For Such a Time as This: The Church's Next Great Battle

For Such a Time as This: The Church’s Next Great Battle

Some doctrines serve as a fulcrum within Christendom. What God’s people believe concerning these doctrines necessarily swings the entire thinking, mission, and approach of the church. It is as if the crux of the Christian faith and the effectiveness of the church rests upon these doctrines. … Today there is a prevailing ideology that is perhaps the greatest threat the Christian faith has yet faced because it threatens a bevy of fulcrum doctrines within Christendom….

A Biblical Look at Black Lives Matter

A Biblical Look at Black Lives Matter

Black lives are just as valuable as the lives of any other human being who is created in the image of God. Because of this, black people deserve to be treated equally under the law and granted the same rights and protections as any other American citizen. When this is not realized in our country,…

Freedom, Marxism, and BLM

INSIGHTS: Freedom, Marxism, and Black Lives Matter

Even though we just celebrated America’s independence, Marxism and its bondages are permeating the culture. Surprisingly, this dangerous ideology has found a voice through the most popular voice of 2020. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos, will help you understand Marxist socialism and it’s most recent delivery system. This is a topic that every American needs to understand before it’s too late.

Should Christians Support Black Lives Matter, BLM

Should Christians Support Black Lives Matter?

Regardless of what one believes about BLM’s stance on racism in America, it is difficult to understand how a Christian could support an organization that is so openly anti-God and anti-Bible—unless God’s people are simply unaware of what the Black Lives Matter Network truly believes and represents. So, let us take a moment to educate ourselves on who BLM is and what they believe….


Chaos – The New Normal That Must Be Replaced

Stunned, I sat listening to an African American brother in Christ explain that last weekend, near the area in Chicago where he grew up, 104 Blacks were shot—almost exclusively by other Blacks—and 14 died. As our conversation concluded, his remarks piqued my interest: “Where is Black Lives Matter now? Why are there no protests over…

Racial Side Winds

INSIGHTS: Racism – Side Winds Are Blowing!

How is Black Lives Matter different from the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King? How are Critical Race Theory and The 1619 Project trying to change the fabric of our nation? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Eddie Ruiz explain how these side winds are currently blowing our nation off course and will likely be used by “the father of lies” to escalate racism in America.

10 Key Questions Black Lives Matter Has Yet to Address

10 Key Questions Black Lives Matter Has Yet to Address

It is wrong to privilege any race or class of people at the expense of another. Slavery was an abomination and an affront to what America claimed to represent, but so are affirmative action and wealth redistribution—the essence of what Black Lives Matter is demanding. … Regardless of the justifications proffered by political activists, Black Lives Matter seeks to codify inequality and preferential treatment in our national laws and policies … These unaddressed questions should be a part of any conversation about the importance of black lives and whether the American system is inherently racist….

Why the Black Community Cannot Grant Americans The Forgiveness They Seek

Why the Black Community Cannot Grant Americans the Forgiveness They Seek

Collective guilt contravenes our Christian faith (Eze. 18:20) and the very principles upon which our country was founded. Moreover, it makes us as a nation vulnerable to the tyranny of retaliation. … What we are witnessing in America today is an afront to the biblical practice of repentance and forgiveness. Kneeling before our fellow man in order to confess…

Where America's Riots Have Gone Wrong

Where America’s Riots Have Gone Wrong

What began as a cry for justice quickly evolved into a demand that Americans embrace a foreign approach to governance. Some, such as author and social critic Os Guinness, have noted that the leaders of this movement are attempting to replace the ideology of the American Revolution with that of the French Revolution. Fundamentally, they are replacing a biblical model with an expressly anti-biblical model….