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Why COVID-19?

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What Does Contending for Truth Look Like in Today’s Culture

What Does Contending for Truth Look Like in Today’s Culture?

By David Warn | March 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

In my post “Surging Evil: What’s Our Response,” I challenged us to contend against various cultural issues, such as cancel culture, Big Tech censorship, and gender confusion. I wrote, “In…

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INSIGHTS: Super Encouraging COVID-19 News

By David Warn | February 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Is there super encouraging news regarding COVID-19? Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos say yes! Listen to this edition of INSIGHTS to find out simple, cheap, and effective COVID-19 preventative measures and treatments that are often not emphasized by the mainstream media.

Dr. Pierre Kory’s ivermectin testimony at the December 8, 2020 Homeland Security Senate hearing:

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s favorite COVID-19 treatment, Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide therapy:

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Alienated from the Country We Love

Alienated from the Country We Love

“Trump Impeached Again” is blared across the Washington Post in massive block letters. … Once more, our nation finds itself in uncharted territory. This snap impeachment was so rushed that there is not even sufficient time for the Senate to conduct a trial, begging the question of whether a president can complete the impeachment process after he has already left office. … What has become of our country? Far too many Americans look around themselves and simply fail to recognize…

2021 Is Finally Here - Will It Be All That We Hope

2021 Is Finally Here! Will It Be All That We Hope?

Like everything else in 2020, Christmas this year proved to be more eventful than expected for my family. While driving to my grandmother’s house, a plow truck ran us off the road and into an exceptionally deep, snow-filled ditch. One moment I was working to ensure our family arrived at my grandmother’s house on time so as not to be berated by my relatives for delaying Christmas dinner, and the next moment I found myself impossibly stuck in a car tilted to the side at a 60-degree angle….

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INSIGHTS: 2020 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Many can’t wait to turn the page to 2021. However, there were some HUGE positives to 2020. And not surprising, there were some HUGE setbacks. In this edition of INSIGHTS Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos will help you discern what just happened and help you respond in faith.

2021 Thumbnail

Warnings and Encouragements for 2021 | INSIGHTS #143

It is vital that we see how Satan is deceiving our nation. And it is essential that we respond in faith. Instead of being like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, God has called to be like His Son, the Lion of Judah. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Leona Smith warn us of the many lies being perpetuated in our nation right now, but they also provide insights for us to know the truth and walk boldly in Christ, especially as we prepare for 2021.

2020.A Year of Deception

2020: A Year of Deception

  “And the angel threw him [Satan] into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer.” Revelation 20:3…

How Deep Does the Woke Hole Go

INSIGHTS: How Deep Does the Woke Hole Go?

In this episode of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos dive into the woke hole finding Black Lives Matter connected to the occult, Black Hebrew Israelites, and even further connected to Marxism. It’s hard to believe, but all the evidence is in plain view for all of us to see.

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Prayer warrior

It’s Go-Time for Prayer Warriors

Little did I know what was about to unfold when I urgently called us to prayer for the month of September in my last blog. … We need prayer now more than ever. Whether it’s sharing the gospel, praying for the next Supreme Court justice, speaking the truth about BLM and COVID-19, or crying out to God day and night for mercy for our nation, it is go-time for Christian prayer warriors in America….

Stop the Unraveling

Stop the Unraveling

Since March, our nation has experienced a dramatic unraveling that, among other things, has already expanded our national debt from 23.8 to 26.7 trillion dollars. No amount of money will…

Oppression in America

INSIGHTS: Oppression in America today – Blacks, Whites, and Everyone Else!

Everyone in America is being oppressed by false narratives. Find out in this edition of INSIGHTS what’s going on and – more importantly – what the Bible tells us to do. Also, read the open letter from three medical doctors to Dr. Fauci by clicking the link below.

Doctors Pen Open Letter To Fauci Regarding The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19

Authored by George C. Fareed, MD Brawley, California Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH Pensacola, Florida Donald C. Pompan, MD Salinas, California,

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