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Why Violence?

Nations play an important role in God’s redemptive purposes as He uses them to draw people to Himself. When embraced by the culture, some sins make it nearly impossible to fulfill God’s national purposes. Left unaddressed, these sins will eventually provoke God to judgment. Violence is one of these sins, making it something we must be capable of identifying and rejecting if we want our nation to experience God’s blessing and protection.

Should Christians Support Black Lives Matter, BLM

Should Christians Support Black Lives Matter?

By Timothy Zebell | July 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

Regardless of what one believes about BLM’s stance on racism in America, it is difficult to understand how a Christian could support an organization that is so openly anti-God and anti-Bible—unless God’s people are simply unaware of what the Black Lives Matter Network truly believes and represents. So, let us take a moment to educate ourselves on who BLM is and what they believe….

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Chaos – The New Normal That Must Be Replaced

By David Warn | June 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Stunned, I sat listening to an African American brother in Christ explain that last weekend, near the area in Chicago where he grew up, 104 Blacks were shot—almost exclusively by other Blacks—and 14 died. As our conversation concluded, his remarks piqued my interest: “Where is Black Lives Matter now? Why are there no protests over…

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No More Divisions - Confronting Gun Control

No More Divisions: Confronting Gun Control

Few things divide Americans like the issue of gun control, and debate on the matter is often visceral. Sometimes we become so entrenched in our political camp that we lose perspective on the debate. In the case of gun control, we may be surprised to discover that, throughout American history, robust gun laws have always existed alongside a firm belief in gun rights….

Is a School Shooting Coming to Your Community

Is a School Shooting Coming to Your Community?

Listening to the top of the hour news update while driving, I was appalled by a soundbite addressing how sometimes students of the past hid under their desks to prepare for a nuclear attack, but today’s students are always hiding under their desks because they are always under attack. The speaker claimed students are being…

Why Have School Shootings Become a Part of Our Culture

Why Have School Shootings Become a Part of Our Culture?

Gone are the days when chewing gum ranked among the top problems in public schools. When tragedy strikes, it is natural to opine for the “good ole days” of yesteryear when times were simpler, and morals mattered. In such moments, we are reminded of what our nation has sacrificed on its journey into relativism, and…

Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won't Work

Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won’t Work

Public mass shootings incite waves of grief, fear, and outrage that lead to a strong desire to do something. Inevitably, this leads to a national debate regarding gun control. Z. Byron Wolf reports, “The details don’t really matter when it comes to mass shootings in the current political climate. The script now is set —…

Are Mass Shootings Becoming Deadlier

Are Mass Shootings Becoming Deadlier?

Columbine—a 1999 tragedy so traumatic and severe that that the very word has become permanently synonymous with mass shootings—no longer ranks among America’s 10 deadliest public shootings.[1] Three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history have occurred within the last year and a half, beginning with the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. In…

Why Does God Allow Mass Shootings

Why Does God Allow Mass Shootings?

There is no easy resolution to the problem of public mass shootings because, at its core, it is a moral issue. As such, mass shootings are not something that can be legislated away. President Donald Trump rightly called the Las Vegas shooting an “act of pure evil.”[1] Likewise, Carl Chinn, who runs an extensive database on…


Mass Shootings and the Search for a Quick Fix

Three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history occurred in the year 2017. The magnitude of these shootings, coupled with their proximity to one another, has provoked a general sense that mass shootings are on the rise. Is this true? And what can we learn from our national search for a quick solution?

Are Mass Shootings on the Rise

Are Mass Shootings on the Rise?

In the wake of the church shooting in Sutherland Texas, the Huffington Post ran the headline, “Mass Shootings in America are Becoming More Common – and More Deadly.” This seems to be the national sentiment, but are public mass shootings truly on the rise? There is no consistent standard for defining mass shootings. This is why Gun…