Why War?

We can join God in faithful obedience to Him, or we can choose to stand in opposition to Him. A nation that acts in obedience to God’s commands need not fear judgment. However, any nation is subject to judgment if it sins.

Sometimes God troubles nations in an effort to alert them to their waywardness and the peril of continuing to ignore His moral commands. Such times of difficulty often provide Christians opportunities to contrast the culture and to guide people back to God. War is one way that God troubles nations.

Should Christians Be Preppers

Should Christians Be Preppers?

By Timothy Zebell | March 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

The swift decline of Venezuela and the sudden collapse of strategic infrastructure serve as a visceral reminder that we are not promised tomorrow (James 4:13–14), nor are we promised endless peace and prosperity (1 Thess. 5:3). In light of this, should Christians be “Preppers,” or should they wait and trust upon the Lord to provide for them in times of difficulty?

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North Korea - Contemplating the Inconceivable

North Korea: Contemplating the Inconceivable

By Timothy Zebell | June 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

“Yesterday’s conflict does not have to be tomorrow’s war,” President Trump told reporters in Singapore after an historic meeting with Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.[1] Never before has a sitting U.S. president met with a ruling Kim family patriarch, but now the two leaders have signed a joint pledge in which “Chairman…

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North Korea—Is an Easy Fix What We Really Want?

Over the past few days, North Korea has launched a missile over Japan, detonated a hydrogen bomb (which was five times more powerful than any bomb they had detonated prior), and has threatened America with an EMP strike. Rather than backing down in the face of international pressure, North Korean rhetoric and blatant taunting of the U.S. has escalated since my August 16 post.   Not only is the North Korean threat headline…

Why Is North Korea So Aggressive

Why Is North Korea so Aggressive?

For decades, North Korea has projected hostility toward the United States, but their aggression has escalated to a new level in 2017. Highlights include: June 13 – Otto Warmier, an America college student who was tortured and detained in North Korea for 17 months, was returned to the U.S. severely brain damaged and in a…

North Korean Crisis - A Product of Failed Foreign Policy

North Korean Crisis: A Product of Failed Foreign Policy

The Korean Armistice Agreement halted the bloodshed of the Korean War which cost the United States 36,000 American soldiers and wounded another 100,000.[1] Signed on July 27, 1953, the armistice was designed to suspended hostilities while a formal peace treaty could be negotiated. Sixty-four years later, no such peace treaty has been signed.[2] As such, the Korean…

North Korea - Doomsday Scenario

North Korea: The Doomsday Scenario

Despite North Korea’s paranoia, the world does not want a war with North Korea. Aside from the casualties and cost of war, any invasion of North Korea must include a plan to rebuild the country after it is defeated. However, North Korea’s society, government, infrastructure, and technology are abysmal. According to Business Insider, “North Korea’s…

North Korea Do We Really Want a Return to Normal

North Korea: Do We Really Want a Return to Normal?

When a nation is in rebellion to God, God is that nation’s worst enemy. History is replete with mighty nations who have experienced the judgment of God because of their rebellion. According to Leviticus chapter 18, God judged mighty nations in the land of Canaan because of their adultery, homosexuality, and the practice of infanticide.…

Is God on North Korea's Side

Is God on North Korea’s Side?

President Donald Trump appears to be engaging in a high-stakes gamble to convince China to intervene in the North Korean crisis. Either China will engage in meaningful negotiations, or the U.S. may be compelled to enact military options. Senator Lindsey Graham told Chris Wallace, “I’m a hundred percent certain that Donald Trump would use military…

Is War with North Korean Inevitable Under Trump

Is War with North Korea Inevitable under Trump?

President Donald Trump inherited a foreign policy mess which has been compounded through years of appeasement, kicking the can down the road, empty threats, and inconsistent approaches. The Atlantic reported, “In the more than four decades since Richard Nixon held office, the U.S. has tried to control North Korea by issuing threats, conducting military exercises,…

Why the Strong Rhetoric Towards North Korea

Why the Strong Rhetoric toward North Korea?

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”[1] This chilling statement by President Donald Trump to reporters on August 8, 2017 evoked nuclear options only two days after the 72nd anniversary of Hiroshima. Hours later, the undaunted Democratic…