Discern The Hour Events

Helping Christians see, understand, and discern the days in which we are living.

Forerunners of America provides events to help Christians see, understand, and discern the days in which we are living. We will help you learn to respond in faith—not fear; and believe God for the greatest harvest our nation has seen in generations.

Discern the Hour Events are interactive as we discuss crucial topics about what the Bible says about nations, how God sees our nation today, and how we can engage the culture by ministering in power.


  • I have been concerned about the future of my country and unbelievers in my neighborhood and community for several years. FOA met me at where I was at, and showed me a way to do something about what had been on my heart. At the Discern the Hour event, it was so great to meet like-minded people and begin learning just how late the hour is.

    - Bonnie Onesti
  • "What came to mind for me as I participated in Discern the Hour and in checking out Forerunners of America was that it seeks to prepare me to be a "first responder" much like first responders who are the first ones at a catastrophe or disaster to help in times of crisis. As times get harder, I don't want to become paralyzed in my fear or freak out in my angst. I want to walk by faith; I want to be a first responder. If Forerunners can teach me how to be an effective first responder, then I need this ministry to equip me to be a light for Jesus in the impending darkness."

    - Christine Montano
  • "The Discern The Hour event brought increased clarity and concern regarding the issues our nation is facing, God's judgment, and how we as believers must respond. I appreciated the focus on prayer as we sought God's heart corporately."

    - Cindy Monson
  • "A friend of mine invited me to the first Discern the Hour event in Madison, Wisconsin, in April of 2015, put on by Forerunners of America. As I sat back and listened I was amazed that their burden was the same as what the Lord placed upon my heart. I thanked God for allowing me to be a part of this Forerunners of America, I feel encouraged and not so alone. Anyone who has a heart for our nation and burden for the lost should attend a Forerunners of America (FOA) conference. I believe that (FOA) is a family of like mined believers that are willing to work together to bring God glory through encouraging each other to share Christ with others, while discerning the time as the days grow darker. John 13:35,” By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    - Cyndi Werner
  • I have been hearing bits and pieces of areas where our nation is in trouble. Attending a FOA event was a connecting of the dots for me. It brought all the pieces together and gave me a clearer picture of the condition of our nation and what we need to do about it. Dave Warn delivers a powerful message for the church today!

    - Elaine Cowden
  • "Sharon and I found the Discern The Hour Event very interesting. We feel what you are trying to accomplish is commendable. and something that people need to hear."

    - Les Hitchcock

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