What is a Forerunner?

A forerunner is someone sent in advance to announce the coming of something or someone else.

In Luke 1:17, the word forerunner is used to describe John the Baptist because of his role in preparing people for the coming Messiah. In a similar way, Forerunners of America is called to help prepare people for what is coming next to our nation.

A forerunner helps the people of God to discern the hour and to respond in faith. To be a forerunner one must be called by God. The way we prepare those who are called is to equip and train forerunners in four different expressions. These four different roles are a watchman, intercessor, evangelist, and coordinator.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience in these areas because FOA will teach and help prepare you to fulfill your calling. It is important that forerunners are not isolated in their position but rather committed to a team known as the Forerunner Network. A forerunner can choose to fulfill more than one role and FOA desires for you to be trained in each role.

Learn more about these forerunner roles by clicking on the following links.

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