The Coordinator

A coordinator is called to unite, network, and help sustain the forerunners.

You are the supporting ligament, tendon, and glue of the Forerunners Network in your community or region.

  • Scripture

    • Nehemiah 1-13
    • John 17:20-23
    • Ephesians 4:16
  • Action Steps

    • Pray for unity among the forerunners
    • Facilitate events to unite forerunners
    • Help the forerunner vision to be sustainable
    • Stay connected to coordinators throughout your state and nation
  • Examples

    • Schedule a potluck to bring together the forerunners (watchmen, intercessors, and evangelists) in your community to get to know each other.
    • Choose a date and time to bring together the forerunners in your community to seek God.
    • Contact each forerunner in your area to invite them to a gathering where a watchman is speaking. Involve the different forerunners during the gathering to pray behind the scenes, lead prayer during the gathering, share perspective, and help towards future endeavors.
    • If the forerunners in your community need further training, call Brent Kanyok to schedule a Forerunners Training Gathering in your area.
    • If your area needs a Discern the Hour Event, contact Brent to schedule one.

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