The Watchman

A watchman is called by God to spend time in His council in order to discern the hour and receive His “now” message for our nation.

It is important to write down what God shows you and then speak out that message as He directs. A faithful watchman will warn the people by delivering God’s “now” message (I Peter 4:11).

  • Scripture

    • Jeremiah 23:9-40
    • Ezekiel 33:1-9
    • Amos 3:7
    • Acts 11:27-30
    • Revelation 2-3
  • Action Steps

    • Commit to hear God’s voice for this day and hour
    • Be a scribe and write down what God speaks to you
    • As God opens doors, speak God’s “now” message
    • Warn the people
  • Examples

    • Ask your pastor if you can lead an adult Sunday school class to share what you believe God is saying to our nation and to challenge people to respond in faith
    • Speak to your small group
    • Ask your pastor if you can share your burden for our nation during a weekend service
    • Work toward sharing God’s “now” message in other churches and small groups
    • Share this message on Facebook and other social media outlets
    • Have a dessert night or barbeque to share your concern for the nation with family, friends, and neighbors.
    • Interact with co-workers or associates and share through email, face to face, etc

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