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Should Christians Be Preppers?

Should Christians Be Preppers

The swift decline of Venezuela and the sudden collapse of strategic infrastructure serve as a visceral reminder that we are not promised tomorrow (James 4:13–14), nor are we promised endless peace and prosperity (1 Thess. 5:3). In light of this, should Christians be “Preppers,” or should they wait and trust upon the Lord to provide for them in times of difficulty?

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Is There a Spiritual Issue behind the National Debt?

Is there a Spiritual Issue Behind the National Debt

It appears that our economy is far more precarious than we realize. As a nation, we are drowning in a sea of debt. On the campaign trail, President Trump and his fellow Republicans preached fiscal responsibility, nevertheless, despite Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate, America continues to increase its debt…

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Provision During Difficulty

Recently I listened to financial expert, Gregg Healey,call people out of Babylon. That is, he challenged his listeners to reject an economic system that God has promised to judge with astonishing severity (Rev. 18:1–24). Upon the conclusion of his message, I found myself asking, “what is God calling me to do?” The following briefly summarizes…

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Stock Market: A Precious Investment

Stock Market - A Precarious Investment

The Dow hit a new high of 19,000 in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are also at record highs.[1] Stocks like Caterpillar and U.S. Steel have surged in anticipation of Trump’s plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure. Pharmaceutical stocks, such as Merck and Pfizer, have risen in the hope that…

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Is There Refuge in a Precarious Economy?

Is There Refuge in a Precarious Economy

In 2010, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, warned that monetary policies are on an “unsustainable path.” Similarly, former financial consultant for Fortune 100 companies and founder of Dent Research, Harry Dent, believes that the U.S. economy is set for a “shakeout more painful than anything we’ve seen before”[1] with “the worst stock decline…

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Real Estate: A Precious Investment

Real Estate - A Precarious Investment

Property prices fell 36%, when adjusted for inflation, between the U.S. real estate peak in 2006 and the year 2012.[1] Since then, real estate prices have been steadily rising and are once more near their pre-recession highs. Low mortgage rates helped to make 2016 a great year for real estate investors, with home values, prices, and…

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Money Tips from God

Money Tips from God

Lest we succumb to the false notion that God is opposed to saving and growing money, consider Proverbs 21:20, “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down” (NIV). It is not more spiritual to live as paupers. God does not expect us to give away every extra dollar that…

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Is God Calling-In His Loan?

Is God Calling in His Loan

We deceive ourselves when we view our jobs, our pensions and 401Ks, and our investment portfolios as the source of our wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18 says, “God gives you the power to gain wealth …”. Also, Philippians 4:19 says, “God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” For many…

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International Real Estate: A Precarious Investment

International Real Estate - A Precarious Investment

Real estate analyst, Mark Hanson, notes that housing prices in the United States are the same to 20% higher than they were during the 2006 real estate bubble, but median incomes are down 5% to 10%. He believes the housing market is being propped up by unorthodox capital at a time when average families are…

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Gold & Silver: A Precarious Investment

Gold and Silver - A Precarious Investment

“Most people buy gold as a reaction to the uncertainty around them,” according to Forbes, and this is because “Gold is a synonym for wealth and money …”[1] The world is brimming with global instability—whether it be Brexit and the potential collapse of the European Union; the Chinese economic bubble; Russian aggression; the threat of ISIS;…

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