Called to Contend

For such a time as this, Dave Warn calls the body of Christ to contend for the faith. In this eye-opening call to action, you will learn:

  • The battle of the ages has already begun
  • How demonic influences affect entire nations
  • How God interacts with nations, including America
  • The necessary qualities to effectively contend for the faith
  • The battlefronts most hotly contested between good and evil, and what to do!

Connecting God’s Word to contemporary issues, Dave provides a compelling case for the gravity of America’s situation and what still can be done. Indeed, what must be done.


What Others Are Saying About Called to Contend

"Called to Contend is a wake-up call to the Church of America to understand the perilous situation in which we find ourselves. I so appreciate that this book does not leave us with an almost hopeless sense of the enormity of the evil we face. Dave Warn shares with us examples of what men, women, and young people are doing to drive back the evil in their local communities. Boldly, he also deals with the question that few attempt: What if God doesn’t answer our prayers and heal our land? What then?! Called to Contend is a straightforward honest presentation of the why and how to contend for the faith, that neither dodges the hard questions nor minimizes the cost. I heartily endorse this book."

Dale Schlafer

Founder, The Center for World Revival and Awakening
Chairman of the Board emeritus, Promise Keepers

"In history, and currently throughout the world, when communities and nations have turned their backs on God, but realized it and turned and sought God wholeheartedly, He has had great mercy on them. Peoples and nations have been radically transformed! This book identifies the tragic current state of America and also gives the prescription of energetically turning to God. I’m very encouraged to see it!"

Matt Bennett


Founder and President of Christian Union

"Good government pleases God! Called to Contend not only helps us understand the Christian mandate to influence those who govern us, but starts with our nation’s dangerous trajectory and where change must begin. And that beginning point is within the church itself. Be prepared for quite a ride! Addressing biblical and cultural issues head-on, Called to Contend lays out what every Christian needs know and do in the unusual day and hour that is upon us."

Dr. Fernando Cabrera

Senior Pastor, New Life Church, The Bronx – NY
Former Senior Advisor, Office of the Mayor, New York City

"Neglecting to guard our spiritual gates has served to create confusion and chaos - something our spiritual adversary is delighted to capitalize upon." - Dave Warn, Called to Contend - America's Conflict with God and What to Do

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