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The Heart Of A Forerunner is burdened with discerning all that is transpiring in our culture and warning others from a biblical perspective; however, the heart of a forerunner is not content merely to sound the alarm. A forerunner is also burdened with seeing the systemic change in both individuals and society that Jesus had in mind in His Great Commission. Therefore, a forerunner is also a cultural influencer.

Bible Studies

America in the Balance
God's Perspective on Nations and What to Do


The Revolutionary Nature of the Kingdom of God



Laid Bare
Uncovering the relationship between homosexuality and the Gospel


A biblical understanding of transgenderism

Transitioning - a Book by Timothy Zebell - Forerunners of America

Heart of a Forerunner
How to be a relevant and influential voice in a wayward nation

Heart of a Forerunner - How to be a Relevant & Influential Voice in a Wayward Nation - Book by Timothy Zebell

Unmasking Halloween
The truth behind America's trickiest holiday and how to navigate it


Culture of Lies
Understanding fake news and its spiritual ramifications


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