Coronavirus / COVID-19: Learn how to both stand firm and minister through this time of difficulty.

Riots & Protests / COVID-19

Preparing God's people to both stand firm and minister through these difficulties

INSIGHTS: Breaking Out of Chaos, Lies, and Confusion (Part 2)

By David Warn | August 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

Many experience anxiety because of believing lies or receiving confusing messages. To break out of this chaos, join Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn and Than Christopoulos for insights that will help you once again experience confidence.

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What Is Cultural Hegemony

What Is Cultural Hegemony?

By Timothy Zebell | July 27, 2020 | 0 Comments

Demands that we defund and abolish the police, the New York Times’ 1619 alternative history project, open calls for Marxism, Robin Diangelo’s book White Fragility, and a myriad of other seismic cultural shifts rely upon a concept sometimes called “cultural hegemony.” It is vital that as Christians we understand this concept….

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Responding to Disaster

Responding to Disaster

When public tragedies took place in Jesus’ time, He used them as opportunities to call people to repent. Was Jesus insensitive to the feelings of His countrymen who may have feared for their own lives? Was He cruel and heartless to dismiss the felt need of hurting people who may have lost a loved one in the current calamities of His day?

Biblical Principles for Enduring House Arrest

Biblical Principles for Enduring House Arrest

Many of us are becoming restless. As Attorney General William Barr put it, “The idea that you have to stay in your house is disturbingly close to house arrest.” We want to be freed from our homes and return to some semblance of normalcy. These feelings are natural, but they may be distracting us from what God is trying to accomplish in our lives during this time….

How to Be Confident During Covid 19

How to Be Confident During COVID-19

“The idea that you have to stay in your house is disturbingly close to house arrest,” Attorney General William Barr admitted….restless Americans across the country are finding it extremely difficult to remain confined to their homes as their livelihoods are increasingly jeopardized. There is now open talk of civil disobedience as Americans face the very real prospect of a new Great Depression….


The Uprising Has Begun

  Thousands descended upon Lansing, Michigan, circling the state capital in vehicles to protest Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s additional lockdown measures. By executive order Whitmer made it illegal to visit family, drive to a second home or cabin, and for stores to sell non-essential items, such as garden supplies. Yet she classified liquor stores, lottery tickets,…

Clearing the Fog

INSIGHTS: Clearing the COVID-19 Fog!

Is it possible that while God is advancing His purposes through the COVID-19 pandemic that Satan is attempting to confuse everyone and further his agenda? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Forerunners of America founder, Dave Warn, helps clear the fog and identifies practical steps for Christians to take to be part God’s purposes in this unusual day and hour.

You Won't Believe What Hulk Hogan Said about God and Covid 19

You Won’t Believe What Hulk Hogan Said about God and COVID-19

You want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers. You want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters. You want to worship money, I will…

Are God's People Subverting His Message in a Time of Difficulty

Are God’s People Subverting His Message in a Time of Difficulty?

Is God’s message to America being subverted by His own people? In the midst of a pandemic, have His people replaced God’s remedy for an infected nation with something more palatable? It may be that we have claimed a promise that does not belong to us, and we are preaching a message that is unsuited to this crisis….

What Is God Saying through Covid 19

What Is God Saying through COVID-19?

In this current crisis, God is saying something to the Church and something different to the world. He is dealing with His Church and dealing with the world at the same time. … This crisis presents an opportunity for us as believers, to learn to be a real New Testament Church….

Communion still life - wine, bread and Bible

Celebrating Easter in the Shadow of Death

It is easy to think abstractly about Jesus’ sacrifice and his promise to resurrect the dead, but it assumes new meaning when we ourselves are facing the reality of death. … C.S. Lewis preached a sermon in 1939 titled “Learning in War-Time.” Lewis concludes that the threat of…

VIDEO: Good Friday and Covid-19

VIDEO: Good Friday and Covid-19

In this video, Dave Warn connects the pandemic we’re currently experiencing to the hope filled message of Good Friday.