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No More Divisions - Confronting Gun Control

No More Divisions: Confronting Gun Control

By Timothy Zebell | March 23, 2021

Few things divide Americans like the issue of gun control, and debate on the matter is often visceral. Sometimes we become so entrenched in our political camp that we lose perspective on the debate. In the case of gun control, we may be surprised to discover that, throughout American history, robust gun laws have always existed alongside a firm belief in gun rights….

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One Vote Away from Tyranny

One Vote away from Tyranny

By Timothy Zebell | July 3, 2019

Regardless of one’s politics, it is deeply disturbing the frequency with which serious presidential candidates have proposed solving controversial matters through executive orders. Without blushing, multiple candidates readily declared their intention to ignore the will of the people and proper legislative process in favor of imposing their will upon the nation by executive fiat. This is particularly troubling when one considers the extreme policy positions represented among the candidates during the DNC debate….

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Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won't Work

Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won’t Work

By Timothy Zebell | November 16, 2017

Public mass shootings incite waves of grief, fear, and outrage that lead to a strong desire to do something. Inevitably, this leads to a national debate regarding gun control. Z. Byron Wolf reports, “The details don’t really matter when it comes to mass shootings in the current political climate. The script now is set —…

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