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Alienated from the Country We Love

Alienated from the Country We Love

By Timothy Zebell | January 14, 2021

“Trump Impeached Again” is blared across the Washington Post in massive block letters. … Once more, our nation finds itself in uncharted territory. This snap impeachment was so rushed that there is not even sufficient time for the Senate to conduct a trial, begging the question of whether a president can complete the impeachment process after he has already left office. … What has become of our country? Far too many Americans look around themselves and simply fail to recognize…

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Impeachment - When We Judge Ourselves

Impeachment: When We Judge Ourselves

By Timothy Zebell | January 15, 2020

The dramatic impeachment of President Trump has been filled with more twists, plot gaps, and anti-climactic revelations than any soap opera. Never has there been such a partisan impeachment process. Throughout the entire ordeal…

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What Is God Trying to Accomplish through Impeachment

What Is God Trying to Accomplish Through Impeachment?

By Timothy Zebell | December 18, 2019

Before we become overly cynical regarding the drama unfolding in Washington D.C., perhaps we should ask the Lord whether there is a reason for our leadership’s apparent lack of wisdom and failure to provide justice and meaningful solutions to the mistakes uncovered. It could be that we ourselves are the root of the problem—not our government leaders….

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