The Heart of a Forerunner... burdened with discerning all that is transpiring in our culture and warning others from a biblical perspective; however, the heart of a forerunner is not content merely to sound the alarm. A forerunner is also burdened with seeing the systemic change in both individuals and society that Jesus had in mind in His Great Commission. Therefore, a forerunner is also a cultural influencer.

Heart of a Forerunner

Become a Relevant and Influential Voice

It is foolish to imagine that we can be disciples of a Revolutionary without being revolutionary ourselves. As Christians, we are not called to simply keep our heads low, refusing to draw attention or distinguish ourselves from a culture that is hostile to our faith. Instead, we are to imitate Jesus, whose teaching and lifestyle was so countercultural that it captured everyone’s attention — from the lowliest beggar to the most powerful leaders.

Helping Christians To

Discover God’s redemptive role for nations

Honestly evaluate our nation’s perilous trajectory

Learn how to verbalize our concerns

Learn how to become cultural influencers

Learn  how to prepare for difficult times

Learn how to minister in all circumstances


What It Accomplishes

Heart of a Forerunner joins together cultural issues, political interests, and Jesus' Great Commission. It equips ordinary people to engage the world around them with the transformative power of the gospel.

A Necessary Read

A war is being waged for the soul of our nation. Will America accomplish its divine purpose, or will its wayward deeds provoke God's judgment? America's future hangs in the balance, and it will be the success or failure of God's people who determine its fate. As such, it is the responsibility of every Christian to discover what God is seeking to accomplish in America and to become relevant and influential voices in the culture. Heart of a Forerunner is a practical field guide for 21st century Christians in America.

Why it is Different

Heart of a Forerunner emphasizes God's purpose for nations and the role they continue to play in His redemptive plan to draw the hearts of people to Himself. It is brimming with Scripture and practical action points while also being an easy read, with short chapters averaging 2–4 pages.

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As a former missionary to Asia for 12 years, a writer for Forerunners of America, and the author of several books, Timothy is passionate about helping people understand the relevancy of God’s Word in today’s world. His goals are to help Christians capitalize on the opportunities these matters provide for sharing the truth about God and His gospel message.