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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 6): God’s Perspective

In seasons of stability, metals, commodities, stocks, bonds, banks, and real estate, all may produce wealth for an investor, of course some better than others. However, this series has not focused on money in stable times, but   money in a time of crisis.   With each of these modes of investment currently emitting warning signals, where can we turn for refuge, especially if in…

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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 5): Real Estate

Property prices fell 36%, when adjusted for inflation, between the U.S. real estate peak in 2006 and the year 2012. Since then, real estate prices have been steadily rising and are once more near their pre-recession highs. Low mortgage rates helped to make 2016 a great year for real estate investors, with home values, prices, and…

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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 4): Banks

Banks were once the icon of financial security, but this changed in 2008 when they threatened to usher in an economic apocalypse due to their poor trading habits. Too much borrowing, foolish investments, misguided regulation, and a lack of transparency created a perfect storm that was only quelled by a massive taxpayer bailout known as…

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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 3): Stocks

Some years ago, through a friend’s pass to the New York Stock Exchange floor, I found myself sharing the gospel with a seasoned trader. Before discussing eternal things, he stated that the markets are largely psychological: they react negatively to bad news and surprises but often perform wonderfully during seasons of stability.   Based on…

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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 2): Commodities

To invest in commodities is to invest in a specific item such as grain, precious metals, oil, coffee, natural gas, or orange juice. Rather than putting one’s cash under the mattress, in the bank, or buying stock in the future of a company, are we better off investing in commodities during times of crisis? Put another way, are commodities the refuge that we seek?   At the…

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Money in a Time of Crisis (Part 1)

We long for financial security through stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, savings accounts, and precious metals. But pursuing the accumulation of wealth through each of these means does not provide the certain guarantee that God does. Financial investment for most people will be a fruitful endeavor in seasons of prosperity, but most likely not during…

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Seeking Refuge in a Precarious Economy

In 2010, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, warned that monetary policies are on an “unsustainable path.” Similarly, former financial consultant for Fortune 100 companies and founder of Dent Research, Harry Dent, believes that the U.S. economy is set for a “shakeout more painful than anything we’ve seen before” with “the worst stock…

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