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North Korea—Is an Easy Fix What We Really Want?

Over the past few days, North Korea has launched a missile over Japan, detonated a hydrogen bomb (which was five times more powerful than any bomb they had detonated prior), and has threatened America with an EMP strike. Rather than backing down in the face of international pressure, North Korean rhetoric and blatant taunting of the U.S. has escalated since my August 16 post.   Not only is the North Korean threat headline…

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North Korea—Is God Taking America’s Side?

In my last blog, we looked at what’s taking place politically and biblically between America and North Korea. The rhetoric from Pyongyang intensified again this week because of annual South Korean—U.S. military exercises, but how likely is war? And is God on our side?   Despite the media hype, in response to a question about…

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North Korea—What’s Going On?

Last week President Trump warned North Korea to discontinue threats against the United States or “They [North Korea] will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” The next day, North Korea threatened to launch four ballistic missiles into the sea to create “an enveloping fire” around the U.S. territory of…

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Evaluating the North Korean Crisis

After unsuccessfully leaning upon China to negotiate with North Korea, President Donald Trump tweeted on June 30, 2017, “The era of strategic patience with the North Korea regime has failed. That patience is over.” President Trump appears to be considering whether to continue on the path of applying diplomatic and economic pressure, or whether it…

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