INSIGHTS: Who Can We Trust??? | #183

Almost everyone today, including our institutions, have an agenda. Repeatedly, we’ve heard what sounded like a compelling perspective only to find out later that it was filled with lies or left out contradictory information. And often those who are speaking truth are being censored or labeled as promoting disinformation. Also, do we have trusted relationships with those whom we attend church? In summary, is there ANYONE LEFT that we actually trust? In this edition of INSIGHTS, David Smithers, Laura Smith, and Dave Warn discuss how our trust has been eroded, who we CAN TRUST, and how to grow into deep trusted relationships.

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INSIGHTS: What’s With Surging Transgenderism? | #181

Having come out of a gay lifestyle and with over 30 years of LGBTQ ministry experience, Stephen Black is the expert and activist that the body of Christ needs to listen to for such a time as this. America, even within our elementary schools, is being barraged by LGBTQ messaging and ideology. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn interviews Stephen Black on LGBTQ issues with an emphasis on transgenderism. Fascinating as well as practical, every Christian needs to digest this interview and take action.

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INSIGHTS: Is Smoking Weed Okay for Christians?

Recreational marijuana continues to be legalized in state after state, as well as grow in acceptance and popularity. In this edition of INSIGHTS, athlete and youth leader Jimmy Fleshman talks with Dave Warn about his journey as a Christian and his experience with marijuana and how God freed him from its bondages. Scripturally rich and full of warnings as well as encouragement, this is a “now” message for America.

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INSIGHTS: What Does God Think of Open Borders? | #178

There has been a 320% increase in illegal immigration into the United States since January 2020. Does God care about this reality? Does God have an opinion about open borders? With an almost complete void of biblical teaching on this topic, it is no wonder that Christians are only considering this topic from the perspective of the news and political voices. However, in this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Dave Brodie, and Joseph Watson unpack the open borders versus closed borders debate from God’s perspective. As almost no one has heard biblical teaching on this topic, please pass this link along to others who need to understand what is taking place and the dangers that are involved.

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INSIGHTS: Will America Get Back to Normal? | #177

With more states lifting COVID restrictions, will America be getting back to normal? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Find out what Christian leader Dale Schlafer, businessman and ministry entrepreneur Gary Crawford, revivalist Laine Johnson, and Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn have to say about America’s current situation.

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INSIGHTS: Rejecting Conspiracy Theories? Not So Fast | #176

Conspiracy theory accusations are everywhere. And these accusations give many people a reason to immediately reject the source. However, the Bible gives numerous examples of conspiracy theories which were proven to be true. Could the same be true today? More importantly, how can we determine what conspiracy theories are true and which ones are false? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Dave Brodie, and Joseph Watson aim to answer these questions, and have some fun along the way.

John Durham investigation

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