INSIGHTS: What Does God Think of Open Borders? | #178

There has been a 320% increase in illegal immigration into the United States since January 2020. Does God care about this reality? Does God have an opinion about open borders? With an almost complete void of biblical teaching on this topic, it is no wonder that Christians are only considering this topic from the perspective of the news and political voices. However, in this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Dave Brodie, and Joseph Watson unpack the open borders versus closed borders debate from God’s perspective. As almost no one has heard biblical teaching on this topic, please pass this link along to others who need to understand what is taking place and the dangers that are involved.

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INSIGHTS: Will America Get Back to Normal? | #177

With more states lifting COVID restrictions, will America be getting back to normal? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Find out what Christian leader Dale Schlafer, businessman and ministry entrepreneur Gary Crawford, revivalist Laine Johnson, and Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn have to say about America’s current situation.

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INSIGHTS: Rejecting Conspiracy Theories? Not So Fast | #176

Conspiracy theory accusations are everywhere. And these accusations give many people a reason to immediately reject the source. However, the Bible gives numerous examples of conspiracy theories which were proven to be true. Could the same be true today? More importantly, how can we determine what conspiracy theories are true and which ones are false? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Dave Brodie, and Joseph Watson aim to answer these questions, and have some fun along the way.

John Durham investigation

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INSIGHTS: Biblical Courage | Ep. #175

In this edition of INSIGHTS, entrepreneur and author Paul Horrocks explains how choosing courage has changed his life and why it is imperative in our local church experience. To apply an ancient truth to the modern Christian context, this podcast is a must.

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Who Wrote the Gospels? | EXPLORING REALITY #5

In this video we go over a brief overview of Than’s collective case for the traditional authorship of the gospels. This is an important topic for a number of reasons! Join us as we discuss how to defend this area of the faith!

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INSIGHTS: Contending for the Faith | #173

According to the Bible, what are the cultural battlefronts every Christian must engage? Just as important, how can Christians make a difference in each of these battlefronts? Get ready for the most practical INSIGHTS to date as Forerunners founder, Dave Warn, and Christian activist, Laura Smith, address these topics!

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