Natural Disasters

Why Natural Disasters?

We can join God in faithful obedience to Him, or we can choose to stand in opposition to Him. A nation that acts in obedience to God’s commands need not fear judgment. However, any nation is subject to judgment if it sins.

Sometimes God troubles nations in an effort to alert them to their waywardness and the peril of continuing to ignore His moral commands. Such times of difficulty often provide Christians opportunities to contrast the culture and to guide people back to God. National Disasters is one way that God troubles nations.

Does God Use Natural Disasters to Judge People and Nations?

By Timothy Zebell | September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Standing in the wake of catastrophic devastation, it is normal to question God’s role in natural disasters. It is common, in the aftermath of any severe natural disaster, for some to boldly declare it to be God’s judgment upon evil deeds. Like Elijah, it is easy to assume that God must be communicating through major…

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