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Hasn’t Same-Sex Marriage Been Settled by the Supreme Court?

Marriage as it has always been understood and defined in every civilization and at all points in history until this century is now fundamentally altered in the eyes of the law. Nevertheless, we as Christians understand that marriage is a sacred act that is divinely defined and accomplished. As such, we have neither the right, nor…

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How Theology Determines Sexuality

The only aspect of being created in God’s image that can be absolutely derived from the Genesis creation account is the fact that mankind has been created as sexual beings. If the sexual design of our bodies is created by God as at least a partial reflection of Himself, then our sexuality is sacred. What are…

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Is Love Sufficient?

Many who oppose the lifestyle refuse to voice their concerns because it would surely be unloving to interfere in the love-life of another. After all, it really isn’t their business anyway. Others who have adopted the homosexual lifestyle challenge, “Isn’t the important thing that I love? Whose business is it anyway if I love this…

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Is There Really a Gay Agenda?

Few things seem to rile homosexual activists more than an allusion to a gay agenda, but in 1990 Harvard-trained gay authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote the book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990’s, in which they presented a six-point comprehensive strategy for changing…

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Once Gay Always Gay?

Despite the fact that there is a concerted effort on both sides to change people’s sexual orientation, the standard mantra is, “Once gay, always gay.” This stems from the belief that people are born gay; therefore, they have no choice in the matter. Is this what the Bible teaches? And what does the science say?

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Why Focus on Homosexuality?

Today it is nearly impossible to avoid the issue of homosexuality as it is continually paraded before every stratum of society. In a perfect world, the church would never need to address this sinful behavior but could focus its full attention on how to better serve God and strengthen a personal relationship with Him, but…

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A Homosexual Lifestyle

We are encouraged to ignore the gay pride parades and consider the homosexual lifestyle to be virtually indistinguishable from the heterosexual lifestyle … but is this true? Generally speaking, is the homosexual lifestyle different from the heterosexual lifestyle simply in the gender of one’s partner?

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Nature vs. Nurture: Which One Determines Sexuality?

Never does God condone sinful behavior on the basis of biology. Born gay is merely one side of a multifaceted excuse that is common to all mankind. From the very beginning, man has sought to absolve himself of responsibility for his actions, but the brutal truth is that we alone are responsible for our behavior.

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Common Challenges in Support of Homosexuality

1. Promiscuity would decrease if homosexuals were allowed to marry. 2. Homosexuality is natural and acceptable because it is found within the animal kingdom. 3. What about a person with a same–sex orientation who never finds members of the opposite sex attractive? 4. Jesus overturned the Law. It is hypocritical for anyone who does not continue to offer sacrifices…

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