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Simply put, a forerunner is a cultural influencer who serves an essential role in God's redemptive purposes. A Forerunner delivers God’s warning of national judgment with the goal of eliciting a spirit of repentance that will ripple into cultural change among both individuals and their communities. At the heart of this appeal are God’s redemptive purpose for nations and the transformative power of the gospel

What Is the Forerunner's End Goal

What Is the Forerunner’s End Goal

Our politics only reflect what we truly believe; therefore, our primary goal should not be to change people’s political views. What we truly seek to change should be…

Should Forerunners Be Involved in Politics

Should Forerunners Be Involved in Politics?

There is a need for God’s people to fight for righteousness in the political arena, but such battles often give rise to a dangerous mindset among God’s people….

What Is a Forerunner

What Is a Forerunner?

A forerunner is somebody who goes before someone or something else, but within the context of Scripture, a forerunner is…

How Do Forerunners Fulfill Their Calling

How Do Forerunners Fulfill Their Calling?

John the Baptist’s ministry serves as a model for today’s forerunners. An understanding of the culture and…

How to Know If God Is Calling Us to Be Forerunners

How to Know If God Is Calling Us to Be Forerunners?

Perhaps America’s most renown forerunner is Abraham Lincoln….

What Is the Forerunner's Message

What Is the Forerunner’s Message?

Forerunners hope for national righteousness and blessing, but they actively warn about the consequences of persistent national sin….

What Is the Forerunner's Solution

What Is the Forerunner’s Solution?

Far from encouraging a fatalistic mindset, 2 Chronicles 7:13–14 provides God’s people with an action plan for aligning our hearts with the heart of God in times of crisis….

What Is the Forerunner's Task

What Is the Forerunner’s Task?

As forerunners, we endeavor to influence our nation by influencing the way people think about moral matters. However, the ability of people to…

What Is the Forerunner's Hope

What Is the Forerunner’s Hope?

God warned the Israelites to give them both opportunity and motivation to repent. As forerunners, when we…

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