Crisis of Decision: America at the Crossroads

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“Now is the time to put this election behind us,” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer exhorted congress at the casting on Monday of her state’s electoral votes for the presidency, adding, “It is time to move forward as one United States of America.”[1] However, this election is far from finished. The Trump legal team is continuing to litigate allegations of election fraud in multiple states where provisional electoral votes have been cast. Pending legal victories, these provisional electoral votes could allow the electoral votes of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan to count for Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden.[2][3] It is far too premature to declare this election to be behind us. Indeed, this disputed election remains contested.[4][5]

As long as there remains uncertainty as to the ultimate outcome of this election, God’s people should remain vigilant and prayerful. (Here is the link to an example prayer modeling how to pray for this election without being partisan.) This is a spiritual battle that is manifesting in our political realm, and it would be presumptuous on our part to assume this battle is finished. This battle is over far more than the presidency. It is a battle for truth, integrity, and justice, all of which greatly matter to God (Psa. 33:5; Eph. 5:9).

Regardless of who wins the presidency, serious allegations of widespread election fraud remain. Nearly one thousand fact witnesses with sworn affidavits have attested to voting irregularities that contravene state election laws.[6] A forensic audit of voting machines used in Antrim County, Michigan found an error rate of 68%—far exceeding the legal threshold of .0008%—and has produced the controversial conclusion that “the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”[7][8] And statistical analyses have demonstrated statistically improbable patterns verging on the impossible that strongly indicate fraud.[9][10][11][12]

It is true that no court has found evidence of extensive fraud, but this is because the courts have repeatedly refused the hearings where evidence would be presented. For six weeks president Trump’s legal team and allies have sought an opportunity to present their evidence before a court, only to be denied an evidentiary hearing at least 34 times.[13] As such, they have yet to be granted a hearing where they can present their allegations of election fraud. Instead, the best they’ve managed has been hearings before state legislatures. These hearings in Georgia,[14] Arizona,[15] Pennsylvania,[16] Wisconsin,[17] and Michigan.[18], [19] have been compelling.

Whether or not their evidence merits the remedy sought may be questioned. Likewise, how widespread the fraud was may be questioned. Even whether the fraud was part of an organized effort may be questioned. But what should no longer be in question is that state election laws were repeatedly broken in key cities located in multiple states during the 2020 election.

Disruptive as it may be, the challenges made to the 2020 elections are a blessing because they have exposed corruption in our electoral process where it may otherwise have gone unnoticed and unreported. Granted, our nation’s major news outlets have done their best to suppress stories related to election fraud; nonetheless, President Trump’s attorneys have been remarkably successful in building a case that cannot be easily dismissed. At the very least, they’ve presented a preponderance of evidence that deserves to be investigated.

As the president has said, the case has been made.[20] The question that remains is whether or not we will choose to reject evil. Faced with overwhelming evidence of election fraud, will we demand of our elected officials that they pursue these charges, or will we succumb to the exhortations of officials, such as Governor Whitmer, to choose to set this election behind us in order to focus on unity at the expense of truth, integrity, justice, and any hope of election reform?

Like it or not, corruption has been exposed. It can no longer be ignored or denied. Moreover, given the actions of Republican officials, such as Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, this corruption does not appear to be limited to any one political party. As such, eliminating fraud is not a partisan issue; it is a moral issue.

As Americans, we find ourselves at a moral crossroads. Will we pursue truth and justice, or will we choose to excuse corruption in the name of peace and unity? Worse yet, will we as Christians somehow spiritualize our moral failing by labeling it love for our neighbor? After all, isn’t it unloving to be divisive?

Truth is inherently divisive. It draws a line in the sand between right and wrong. Moreover, there is nothing loving about refusing to defend those who are being exploited. And make no mistake about it, the disenfranchising and stealing of people’s votes is exploitative.

America’s future is not predetermined. Instead, God has given us a choice. Our two paths have very different destinations. One path leads toward God’s blessing while the other leads toward His judgment. In Jeremiah 18:7–10 God warns:

If at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, and if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it. And if at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it, and if it does evil in my sight, not listening to my voice, then I will relent of the good that I had intended to do to it.

Simply put, our nation is unlikely to experience God’s blessing if we choose to do nothing in response to the election fraud that has been revealed. Worse, because God hates dishonest scales that skew results (Prov. 20:23), we position ourselves in the path of judgment if we refuse to reject this evil.

This is not an easy message, but it is a biblical one. God is looking for spiritual warriors who will fight for what is right. True unity comes from God, but our enemy is offering a counterfeit form of unity that undermines God’s desire for our nation. Christians who choose to prioritize this false sense of unity over justice invite the judgment of God upon our nation. We need not be unnecessarily divisive, nor need we be partisan—election fraud almost certainly occurs in both political parties—but we must be unwavering in our defense of the truth and in our pursuit of justice.

So where do we go from here? Let us understand that messages of unity must be predicated on uniting around what is righteous and just. Messages of love must be predicated upon a defense of the oppressed and exploited. And messages of justice must be predicated upon a willingness to see any evildoer in any political party indicted.

Moreover, we must be vocal. Not everyone is aware of the quantity or quality of evidence alleging fraud in the 2020 elections. There remains a role for furthering the exposure of corruption. Those interested in the evidence should watch the hearings on election fraud in Georgia,[21] Arizona,[22] Pennsylvania,[23] Wisconsin,[24] and Michigan.[25][26] Among news outlets, the Gateway Pundit blog has been particularly vigilant and active in compiling examples of alleged fraud.

Additionally, we should be vocal to our elected officials. Do not presume that they have our best interests in mind. Instead, let us e-mail and call our representatives, senators, and governors and press them to take meaningful action on these allegations of election fraud.

Finally, undergirding these efforts must be prayer. Fundamentally, this is a spiritual war. It is a battle for the moral soul of our nation. As such, our own strength and efforts will never be sufficient to secure victory. The unprecedented activism and grass roots movements supporting election integrity that we are witnessing will ultimately fail if there is no spiritual authority empowering and guiding them.

Regardless of who wins the presidency, and regardless of when the controversy over the election concludes, we have an obligation to continue to fight for truth and justice. Rejecting evil requires that we demand meaningful action on these allegations of election fraud—whether or not they remain determinative in this particular election.


**Update: Another outstanding resource outlining likely voter fraud is Peter Navarro’s The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities.

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Timothy Zebell

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Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are taken from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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