Proof Our Nation Is Desperately Sick

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On the heels of New York’s late-term abortion bill which was cheered with a standing ovation on the senate floor,[1][2] Virginia Governor Ralph Northam shocked the nation when he supported a practice now dubbed post-birth abortion.[3][4] These events provoked some to question whether we as a nation may be invoking God’s wrath, but for most, the story was quickly forgotten because we’ve become accustomed to allowing even the most disturbing news stories to fall from our memories after a matter of days.

Troubling as this story may have been, it was only one of a host of deeply disturbing reports that broke over the course of little more than a week. Taken together, these reports reveal a serious problem: Our nation is not healthy. Whether evaluating America’s moral or social health, one is compelled to conclude that our nation is sick. And like any other malady, if ignored, it risks killing its host.

Perhaps it is time we honestly evaluate the state of our nation. The following reports compromised breaking and discussed news during approximately one news-week cycle in the month of February. Judge for yourself: Are these issues indicative of a nation that is healthy or desperately ill?

  1. Congress incentivized illegal immigration

In exchange for $1.375 billion toward a border wall, the disputed Congressional spending bill includes new legal protections and money for providing illegal immigrants medical aid, food, transportation, and legal representation in their journey across the border. Money is provided for consumable commodities such as food, infant formula, and diapers; bus transportation to pro-immigrant welcome centers; contract medical professionals; pro-migrant groups who will guide migrants toward winning asylum; and even rescue beacons for migrants who become exhausted while crossing the desert.[5]

  1. Trump declared a national emergency because of illegal immigration and smuggling

Tens of thousands[6][7] have formed migrant caravans intent on storming the U.S. border, and well over 1,000 people a day are caught illegally crossing our border, but many of those who succeed do not suddenly become law-abiding citizens.[8][9] In his State of the Union address, President Trump informed America that “In the last 2 years, our brave ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officers made 266,000 arrests of criminal aliens, including those charged or convicted of nearly 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 killings.”[10] Likewise, his administration has warned that the many caravans[11] have included known criminals,[12][13] MS-13 gang members,[14] terrorists,[15] human traffickers,[16] and drug smugglers.[17]

In an effort to secure money for a border wall, President Trump declared a national emergency, calling the crisis at our southern border “an invasion,” adding, “We have an invasion of drugs and criminals coming into our country.”[18] This is our nation’s 32nd active national emergency,[19] but it is only the third time that such emergency declarations have been used to spend money without legislative approval.[20] As such, it is being challenged in court.[21][22]

  1. The former FBI deputy director and the deputy attorney general illegally discussed ways to remove President Trump from office

Some have called this an attempted coup.[23][24][25] In an interview with 60 Minutes, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe admitted to being in conversations with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein about how to remove President Trump from office using the 25th Amendment. According to McCabe, Rosenstein endeavored to determine how many other cabinet officials would support such an effort.[26][27]

Furthermore, the two officials discussed secretly recording conversations with the president. According to McCabe, “[T]he deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the White House. He said, ‘I never get searched when I go into the White House. I could easily wear a recording device. They wouldn’t know it was there.’ Now, he was not joking. He was absolutely serious. And in fact, he brought it up in the next meeting we had.”[28][29]

  1. Russia collusion headlines continue to stir-up the masses despite the Senate Intelligence Committee finding no evidence of collusion

After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee has no new questions they are seeking to answer. Chairman of the committee Richard Burr (R-NC) told CBS News, “If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.”[30] Likewise, he told NBC News, “There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”[31]

This is in agreement with the House Intelligence Committee who released a 243-page report “detailing their investigation and conclusions that investigators found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”[32] Surprisingly, the “big three” broadcast networks only dedicated a total of 58 seconds to covering this news, with most of this time being negative commentary. CBS Evening News spent 31 seconds, ABC World News Tonight spent 27 seconds, and NBC Nightly News completely ignored the committee’s findings.[33]

  1. The alleged hate crime against Jussie Smollett was a hoax

Jussie Smollett, an actor in the popular television show Empire, shocked the nation when he claimed to have been accosted in Chicago by two white men wearing MAGA hats. According to Smollett, they put a noose around his neck, poured a bleach-like chemical on him, punched him in the face, yelled homophobic and racial slurs, and shouted, “This is MAGA country!”[34][35] Outrage over this incident dominated the news with anchors, pundits, celebrities, and even Congressmen quick to blame conservatives, white privilege, and even Vice President Mike Pence.[36][37] Presidential candidate Kamala Harris even called it “an attempted modern day lynching.”[38]

However, it appears that the entire incident was an elaborate hoax with a grand jury indicting him on 16 felony counts.[39] Jussie Smollett is accused of hiring two Nigerian brothers to stage an attack[40][41] that is eerily similar to the plot of a play for which Smollett had just auditioned.[42][43] Moreover, it seems this was an escalation of an earlier self-induced fake-hate crime: a racist letter Smollett appears to have sent himself containing a white powder.[44]

  1. 400 Southern Baptist church leaders were accused of sexual misconduct

Over the past two decades, 400 Southern Baptist church leaders have been accused of sexually abusing as many as 700 victims—some of whom were as young as three. Moreover, these victims have accused several past presidents and prominent leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention of concealing or mishandling abuse complaints within their own churches and seminaries.[45]

  1. The Pope confirmed that Catholic clergy sexually abused nuns

Pope Francis has acknowledged that Catholic priests and bishops have sexually abused nuns.[46] The Pope even admitted that some women have been pushed into “sexual slavery,” but the Vatican later clarified this remark, saying that the Pope was referring to manipulation and abuse of power.[47]

  1. The Roman Catholic Church defrocked its first Cardinal

Sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic clergymen continues to be exposed. Having been found guilty of sexual abuse by an investigative tribunal, Washington D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick became the highest-ranking churchman and the first Cardinal to be defrocked.[48] He was found guilty of “solicitation in the sacrament of confession, and sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power.”[49] This comes on the heels of a 900-page Pennsylvania grand jury report that implicated 300 “predator priests” who had abused over 1,000 victims in six of the state’s eight diocese[50] and another report implicating 1,670 German clerics who sexually abused 3,677 children between 1946 and 2014.[51]

  1. A Lutheran pastor melted purity rings into a vagina sculpture and presented it to Gloria Steinem

The Christian Post reports, “Liberal Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber unveiled a sculpture of a vulva made entirely of old purity rings to protest evangelical purity culture and presented it to pro-abortion second-wave feminist Gloria Steinem.”[52] This “art project” appears to be part of a publicity campaign for her book Shameless: A Sexual Reformation which she described as “a book-long take-down piece of the church’s teachings around sex.”[53]

  1. Five presidential candidates support spending $93 trillion dollars

Having warned Americans that climate change is her generation’s World War II and that, if ignored, the world will end in 12 years,[54] Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) unveiled plans for her Green New Deal.[55] Over the course of 10 years, it calls for completely phasing-out fossil fuels, rendering air travel obsolete, rebuilding every building in America, and ensuring economic security for those who are unable or unwilling to work.[56][57] Despite its unrealistic and disruptive goals, and despite an estimated price tag of up to $93 trillion,[58] five Democrat presidential candidates immediately supported the plan.[59]

  1. Representative Ilhan Omar disgraced her office

Since becoming elected, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been embroiled in numerous controversies[60][61] and condemned for repeated anti-Semitic comments.[62][63] Only a week after her latest anti-Semitic comments, it was revealed that Omar is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations—an organization with links to the terrorist group Hamas.[64]

Additionally, Omar leant support to Nicolas Maduro, whom our country considers to be a socialist usurper in Venezuela,[65][66][67] and viciously attacked Elliott Abrams, a newly appointed envoy to Venezuela during a House Foreign Affairs hearing.[68] Her line of questioning was highly inappropriate. At one point she put words into Abram’s mouth, and she prefaced her questioning with the statement, “I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.”[69][70] When Abrams sought to respond, she talked him down with a shocking lack of decorum, refusing to permit him to speak.[71]

  1. There was a mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois

NBC News reports, “Five people were killed and six police officers injured Friday in a shooting at a manufacturing company in Aurora, Illinois. The gunman, identified by authorities as Gary Martin, 45, was killed by police. Martin was a 15-year employee who was slated to be ‘terminated’ Friday, according to Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.”[72]

  1. Lisa Britt testified about a voter-fraud operation in North Carolina

North Carolina’s 2018 midterm election remains unresolved because the State Board of Elections refused to certify the initial results between the candidates who are separated by 905 votes.[73] Instead, they initiated an investigation where Lisa Britt has testified that she was paid by McCrae Dowless to commit voter fraud by collecting absentee ballots and filling-out options left blank with Republican candidates.[74][75] NBC News reports, “According to testimony Monday, Dowless had two components to his operation — collecting absentee ballot applications and then collecting the actual ballots. He and those he hired collected at least 788 ballot requests in Bladen County and 231 in neighboring Robeson county, according to investigation findings.”[76] Britt also testified that the Republican candidate had no knowledge of this operation.[77]

  1. A man drew a gun on a couple for wearing MAGA hats

James Phillips flipped off Terry Pierce and his wife in Sam’s Club because they were wearing Make America Great Again hats. Pierce told 13 News that when he returned the gesture, Phillips “pulled a .40 caliber out and stuck it in my face, backed up and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.’”[78] This comes in the wake of an avalanche of news commentary on the racist and bigoted nature of MAGA hats.[79]

  1. A YouTube pedophile ring was exposed

In a video,[80] YouTuber Matt Watson warned of a soft-core pedophile ring “who encourage very young children to upload videos of themselves in compromising situations and positions, often in the form of ‘yoga challenges,’ trampoline sessions, gymnastics moves or eating Popsicles.”[81] Wired reports that “Comments beneath scores of videos appear to show pedophiles sharing timestamps for parts of the videos where exposed genitals can be seen, or when a child does the splits or lifts up their top to show their nipples.”[82] Moreover, many of these videos are being monetized by YouTube, featuring advertisements from large family-friendly companies.[83] YouTube has responded by terminating the accounts of hundreds of users who posted “predatory comments on videos featuring minors.”[84] Additionally, they removed more than 150,000 videos and disabled comments for over 620,000 videos.[85]


Pedophiles, infanticide, real and fake hate-crimes, voter fraud, corruption, violence, sexual abuse within the church, promiscuity, mass shootings, anti-Semitism, government gridlock, incentivizing criminality, and more dominated our nation’s news cycle over the course of little more than one week. But because we become distracted and forget these reports after a matter of days, this destructive behavior persists, and our nation becomes increasingly ill. At some point we must honestly evaluate the state of our nation before it is too late!

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Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are taken from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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