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INSIGHTS: Battling Paganism | #194

What happens when Christians respond to a public gathering of witches, warlocks, and wizards? In this podcast, Pastor Judah Marx has a story to tell with clear examples of how Christians can make a difference.

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INSIGHTS: What Can We Be Thankful for in 2022? | #191

Is there anything significant taking place in our nation that Christians can be thankful for as 2022 comes to a close? Dave Warn (Forerunners of America) and Dave Brodie (missionary and social commentator) give a resounding YES. On the heels of Thanksgiving, listen to Dave and Dave and be encouraged that we can look back and start to see how God is causing godless narratives to collapse!

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INSIGHTS: How Will Christians Respond to the Next Pandemic? | #189

Dave Warn (Forerunners of America) and Jackie Hill (Senior Pastor, Roseville Baptist Church) discuss the failings of the church’s response to the COVID -19 pandemic (2020-2022) and why Christians must make adjustments now for what comes next. One thing’s for sure, we don’t want to be weak and faithless when another shaking comes to our nation!

Recently, YouTube took down Navigating Greater Darkness (podcast #151) and gave Forerunners a strike. So, our days at YouTube are numbered! Please go to Rumble now and subscribe to ForerunnersOfAmerica so that we can continue to provide you with fresh manna on the pressing topics of of the day. Here’s the link to create a Rumble account and subscribe to ForerunnersofAmerica, as well as the link to Navigating Greater Darkness.

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REPOST INSIGHTS: Unmasking Halloween | #167

Unmasking Halloween Interview

If you didn’t get a chance last year to read Timothy Zebell’s book, Navigating Halloween: The Truth behind America’s Trickiest Holiday, be sure to read it this year! In this video, Timothy and I discuss the heart behind this book, the history of Halloween, and how we can capitalize on the opportunities this holiday affords us as Christians.

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