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INSIGHTS: Kanye and the Way Forward

Kanye West continues to make headline news with his new faith in Jesus Christ! But it is vital that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past when we as Christians see a famous person declaring his or her faith in Christ. How can we avoid these mistakes? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn challenges us to follow Kanye’s example and digest the key Scriptures that will help us see America changed. If Christians sit back and simply root Kanye on in his new faith, our nation will not be changed. But if we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, we can see our lives, families, churches, and communities transformed!

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INSIGHTS: Kanye West and Us

Kanye West’s massive success in pop culture is now being eclipsed by His love for Jesus and radical walk of faith. While this is inspiring for many to observe, what can you and I learn from Kanye to make greater impact? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn discusses the transformation Kanye has undergone and what we can learn from him to help touch more people with the love of Christ!

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INSIGHTS: God Moving In Unexpected Ways

In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn gives examples of how God moves in ways even beyond our prayers! This very thing happened recently to Dave and others who were seeking the Lord for 10 days.

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Culture of Lies - Understanding Fake News and Its Spiritual Ramifications

Nearly half of all Americans have a negative view of the news media. Only 44% say they can think of a news source that reports the news objectively, and 66% say news outlets do not do a good job of separating fact from opinion. Now we have a president who regularly calls mainstream news outlets…

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From the early 1960’s until now, American culture has undergone a transformation that has left it almost unrecognizable. This shift is not only apparent to all who take the time to observe it, but it also has significant implications for the future. There are four particular cultural changes that should concern every Christian familiar with…

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INSIGHTS: Are You Ready for Jesus’ Second Coming?

In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn highlights what Jesus taught about preparing one’s self for His second coming through the parable of the ten virgins (Matt. 15:1-13). Five of these virgins were ready for Jesus’ second coming, five were not. Are you filling your lamp with oil? Are you ready for Jesus’ second coming?

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INSIGHTS: Pursuing a Healthy Soul

Is your soul withering? Do you need some soul-keeping guidance? Why is this topic important in the end times scenario? In this edition of INSIGHTS Dave Warn shares two foundational, but often overlooked, pointers to help you experience a healthier soul.

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Making America Great Again

For Christians to sit as spectators in the stands while rooting for President Trump to Make America Great Again is foolishness. Government and legislation are important but can only take a nation so far. How then can the church be used of God to make America great again?

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