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REPOST INSIGHTS: Unmasking Halloween | #167

Unmasking Halloween Interview

If you didn’t get a chance last year to read Timothy Zebell’s book, Navigating Halloween: The Truth behind America’s Trickiest Holiday, be sure to read it this year! In this video, Timothy and I discuss the heart behind this book, the history of Halloween, and how we can capitalize on the opportunities this holiday affords us as Christians.

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INSIGHTS: Why Is God Not Moving MORE in America? | #187

Most Christians are not expecting to see God move in America. A serious move of God rarely crosses their minds. Others are not only declaring that God will move throughout our nation, but that God will save America. These and other attitudes can get in the way of a genuine move of God. In this podcast, Dave Warn (Founder, Forerunners of America) and Chuck Hetzler (Vice President, Christian Union America) discuss why God is not moving to a greater degree in America and what to do.

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INSIGHTS: America’s Obsession with the Occult | #185

Americans practice occultic activity more frequently than we realize. In this podcast, Matt Bennett (Founder of Christian Union) and Dave Warn (Founder of Forerunners of America) discuss occultic activity from the Scriptures and help us respond in faith!

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INSIGHTS: Culture Wars or Spiritual Wars? | #184

Should Christians dismiss culture wars as irrelevant to the church? In what way is a culture war also a spiritual war? In this podcast, Dave Warn and Laine Johnson answer these questions and explore additional aspects of what’s at stake in the spiritual war we find ourselves in today.

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INSIGHTS: Biblical Courage | #175

In this edition of INSIGHTS, entrepreneur and author Paul Horrocks explains how choosing courage has changed his life and why courage is imperative in our local church experience. To apply an ancient truth to the modern Christian context, this podcast is a must.

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Important Forerunners Update!

We are making a couple of changes here at Forerunners of America, and wanted to keep you all up to speed.

First, we’ll be posting INSIGHTS Podcast episodes every other Friday instead of every other Monday. Also, we’re taking a break from new INSIGHTS content for the next few weeks, and will be posting some of our favorite episodes from the past for you to enjoy. We will be back with fresh content in July.

Second, Forerunners Author Timothy Zebel will continue to write Watchman’s Cry and Culture In Focus, but will be releasing new articles on Tuesdays moving forward.

Finally, Apologist Than Christopoulos and Founder Dave Warn will continue to create Exploring Reality videos, and those will release on Fridays instead of Mondays as well.

Visit to subscribe to our email list, which will send you all of the listed resources as soon as they’re published.

Thank you for supporting the Forerunners of America message!

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