INSIGHTS: Revival Saving America – Really? | #201

INSIGHTS: Revival Saving America – Really? | #201

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In the last 200 years we see God moving in nations, only to see great difficulty following. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn (founder of Forerunners of America) and David Smithers (revival historian) discuss why this pattern is so vital for us to understand today.

ABOUT INSIGHTS: Join Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn and his guests as they endeavor to discuss today’s issues from God’s perspective. Offering biblical clarity to complicated social issues, INSIGHTS is designed to help Christians increase their faith in order to influence their world.



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David Warn

Dave Warn is the founder and director of Forerunners of America, a ministry dedicated to help people discern the hour, respond in faith, and help bring in the greatest spiritual harvest our nation has experienced in generations.