2020: A Year of Deception

By David Warn | November 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

  “And the angel threw him [Satan] into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer.” Revelation 20:3   Revelation 20 teaches that Satan not only attempts to deceive you and I individually, but that he schemes to deceive entire nations. Due to…

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It’s Go-Time for Prayer Warriors

By David Warn | September 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

Little did I know what was about to unfold when I urgently called us to prayer for the month of September in my last blog. … We need prayer now more than ever. Whether it’s sharing the gospel, praying for the next Supreme Court justice, speaking the truth about BLM and COVID-19, or crying out to God day and night for mercy for our nation, it is go-time for Christian prayer warriors in America….

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Are You Sleeping

Are You Sleeping?

There are few things more tragic than a sleeping church in a time of great need. In Luke 9:32, as Jesus prayed on the mountain, His appearance was radically transfigured. Yet, Peter, James and John almost missed it, simply because they were “overcome with sleep”….

Have Churches Evolved Into Entertainment Centers

Have Churches Evolved into Entertainment Centers?

Wilhem Ten Boom, a Dutch pastor in the 1930’s, tried to awaken his listeners to a biblical understanding of Europe’s instability and the rise of a new dictator, Adolph Hitler. Rather than responding to his messages with faith-filled action, one church after another decided…

Full Engagement

Full Engagement

My overarching takeaway from our recent Forerunners conference is the necessity for me (and each of God’s people) to become fully engaged in God’s now purposes. Simply put, a business-as-usual mindset will not win the day nor adequately prepare us for the future.   As a backdrop to this takeaway, I am reminded that Jesus…

Something Stunning Just Happened! Will We Sustain It?

A Stunning Thing Just Happened! Will We Sustain It?

Before describing the stunning movement of prayer that God orchestrated last week from coast to coast, let me briefly provide some context.   For almost 100 years, concluding around 1915, there was serious national engagement in prayer for college students. Many believers, the vast majority of whom had never attended college themselves, paused on the…

Why Everyone Should Participate in the Collegiate Day of Prayer

Why Everyone Should Participate in the Collegiate Day of Prayer

I believe it is imperative for the church at large to pray for our campuses on the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Here are some reasons why, and benefits of, participating in the CDOP…


Addressing the Spiritual State of Our Nation

After listening to Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, I couldn’t help but to consider the spiritual state of our nation. The following is a warning – a warning over realities that are only seen with spiritual eyes (2 Cor. 4:16–18). First, I will share my burden for the nation and the condition of the…

Does God Support Open Borders

Does God Support Open Borders?

The controversy over how to secure our southern border has produced the longest government shutdown in America’s history. Much has been said about the morality of building a wall, its effectiveness, the cost, and whether President Trump is demanding a wall for political gain. However, as this debate rages, I can’t seem to escape this question: How much of the resistance to secure our borders is rooted in an ideological commitment to globalism?…


A Light That Transforms

Christmas should not depress or exhaust us but should transform us! Each year, my highlight of this season is to reflect on Jesus, the light of the world entering human history as a baby to begin a global invasion of everything good (John 1:5–8). Through the purity, goodness, and love that emanated from Jesus resting…


It’s a Great Day to Expand God’s Kingdom

I have two ambitions in life: to warn the body of Christ about activities that are being embraced in our culture that are proven to provoke God’s judgment, and to see the body of Christ experience dramatically more fruit. Everything I do revolves around this two-fold mission . . . and I love it!  …

The United States Capitol building with the dome lit up at night.

Should Politics Matter to Christians?

Leadership matters to God! In the Bible, when God wanted to speak to a nation, to direct its course, to call it to repentance, or even to announce judgment upon it, who did He talk to?  Who did He send the prophets to confront? That’s right — the kings. The leaders. And the way the leaders went, the people mostly followed, at least for a generation.