Why Everyone Should Participate in the Collegiate Day of Prayer

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Julie LoosOur guest blogger originally posted this for the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Julie Loos is the Director of Prayer and Communications for Mama Bear Apologetics. (See her full biography below the works cited.)


As the College Groups Liaison for Moms in Prayer International,[1] I am privileged to encourage and equip thousands of moms of college students all over the U.S. to pray weekly for our college campuses. We pray intentionally and strategically for professors, administration, students, campus ministries, campus issues, and more. Moms in Prayer moms do weekly what the body of Christ is being invited to do on one day of the year—February 28, 2019–adopt campuses and pray for them. I believe it is imperative for the church at large to pray for our campuses on the Collegiate Day of Prayer.[2] Here are some reasons why, and benefits of, participating in the CDOP:

  • College students are our future leaders and set the course for the seven cultural spheres of society—arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, media, and religion. Virtually none have a biblical worldview[3] they will take into the workforce.
  • The climate on the college campus is a constant threat[4] to Christian students,’ professors’ and administrators’ freedom of speech, religion, livelihood, and rights to meet and assemble.
  • The church initiated the original concerts of prayer for the college campus; it is time for the church to return to that legacy and set a new course for history.
  • It’s a form of local and foreign missions in the church’s own back yard. With 1.1 million international students[5] and just under 20 million students[6] total, and with most of them unchurched and post-truth,[7] the field is ripe for harvest.
  • Nearly 77%[8] of our nation’s college campuses do not have a community of Christians sharing the hope of Jesus.
  • It could help the church develop a heart for prayer for the community and the next generation.
  • It demonstrates to your own college students that you are thinking of them even when they are not at home. That could go a long way to develop relationships that will invite them “home” when they return from college or when they start a career and seek out another church. Research shows relationships[9] are key in keeping college kids in church. (Why not, send a letter letting them know you prayed for their campus?)
  • Revival and spiritual awakenings historically have been preceded by great outpourings of corporate prayer, have started on college campuses,[10] and sparked missional movements and cultural change. The church can undergird this effort once again and pave the way for revival and awakening.


When I attended the 2019 CDOP planning session, I was so encouraged by the reports of prayer meetings and the “pregnancy” of revival on campuses. What if this is a moment in history just waiting for the church to fulfill its role? What if all these indicators on campus plus a new sense of unity between campus ministries, are just sitting in a bucket of blessings and God is ready to release his Spirit and make it pour over our campuses. What if the release of awakening and revival just needs the added “weight” of the prayers of the church? Maybe the church’s participation in this year’s CDOP is one more drop in the bucket towards the ultimate release. How dare we hold back our prayers if all He is waiting on is us?


Will you as church members get your churches to help fill the bucket of prayers stored up for the college campuses so that it can soon be released and bring revival and awakening again? Then let’s stand amazed at the cultural transformation that is possible when His Spirit is released!


Why pray? “The University Campus holds such a pivotal position in our world, it has become a battleground of immense proportions. Satan knows its strategic importance. The church must not surrender this territory over to the enemy.”  Mike Armstrong, Christ on Campus, University of Arkansas


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Julie Loos

Julie Loos is in her seventeenth year of leadership with Moms in Prayer International. Formerly the Missouri State Coordinator, she currently serves as the national College Groups Liaison, equipping thousands of moms monthly in how to pray strategically for the college campus using her apologetics training and insight.


Julie is a writer and speaker with a passion for prayer for college campuses and apologetics training for our youth. She’s also an activist for stemming the tide of the youth exodus from the faith and worked for five years on the national staff for the campus apologetics ministry Ratio Christi. She is currently the Director of Prayer and Communications for Mama Bear Apologetics and contributed to their book to be released in June 2019–Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies. Watch for her forthcoming website on WordPress.org.

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