INSIGHTS: Public Schools – It’s All About Skin Color | #164

Why are so many black and white parents standing together at public school board meetings to combat the dominant narrative of white privilege? Just as important, what is the Church supposed to do as race issues heat up across America? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Gary McCallum, and Than Christopoulos get to the root of what is taking place in our schools and provide hope for a better tomorrow.

Ty Smith addresses his school board:

Ian Rice addresses his school board:

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INSIGHTS: Practical Steps to Seeking God with Matt Bennett #163

If we are to see the Lord draw near to make a dramatic difference in our personal lives, churches, and communities, it is vital that we take the practical steps that Matt Bennett explains in this edition of INSIGHTS. Also, see Matt Bennett’s Seeking God Lifestyle material at

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INSIGHTS: Which Way Is America Going? | #162

As of July 4th, America is 245 years old, but where are we headed? Many are hoping for another Great Awakening. Some are predicting various challenges. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Christian Union founder Matt Bennett and Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn provide insight into these very issues.

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INSIGHTS: What the Bible Teaches About Judgment | #160

INSIGHTS Podcast - Judgement - What the Bible Teaches about Judgement - Forerunners of America Ministry

God’s judgment is a strong theme throughout the Bible with numerous implications for us today and eternity. What are the various forms of judgment every person will face? Does judgment always refer to punishing the wicked? How can we build up our rewards in heaven? Join Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn and Christian Union founder Matt Bennett as they answer these questions and many others.

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INSIGHTS: Changing America through Prayer | #159

INSIGHTS Podcast - Changing The United States of America Through Prayer - Forerunners of America Ministry

It’s time to get serious about prayer – and specifically praying for America. In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn, Eddie Ruiz, and Gary McCallum provide perspective on how and why to pray, as well as specific steps to take in praying for America.

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INSIGHTS: Responding in Faith to Racism | #158

Responding in Faith to Racism - Race Issues/Politics - Culture in Focus - Forerunners of America

What is going on with racism in America? How can we respond in faith? In this episode of INSIGHTS, host Dave Warn with guests Gary McCallum and Eddie Ruiz answer these questions to help you know how to be part of God’s solution.

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INSIGHTS: Practical Steps to Get Out of Babylon | #157

Because the global Babylonian system will be judged by God, it is essential that Christians leave it. In this INSIGHTS podcast, Forerunners of America founder Dave Warn interviews New Breed of Business founder Gregg Healey on God’s ways of banking and finance versus the world’s ways.

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INSIGHTS: Money and Mystery Babylon #156

Money And Babylon - INSIGHTS Podcast - Forerunners of America

America is the wealthiest nation on earth and the wealthiest nation in history. But how is the flow of money in our nation connected to Mystery Babylon found in Revelation 17-18? In this edition of INSIGHTS, Dave Warn interviews Gregg Healey, founder of New Breed of Business, to get to the bottom of these questions and to help us to know what to do.

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