- Lawlessness

Why Corruption?

Nations play an important role in God’s redemptive purposes as He uses them to draw people to Himself. When embraced by the culture, some sins make it nearly impossible to fulfill God’s national purposes. Left unaddressed, these sins will eventually provoke God to judgment. Corruption is one of these sins, making it something we must be capable of identifying and rejecting if we want our nation to experience God’s blessing and protection.

Stop the Unraveling

By David Warn | September 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

  Since March, our nation has experienced a dramatic unraveling that, among other things, has already expanded our national debt from 23.8 to 26.7 trillion dollars. No amount of money will repair our nation, but before sharing a vital step to reverse what is taking place before our eyes, let me summarize our recent journey,…

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NYT Receives Another Pulitzer Prize for Printing Fake News

NYT Receives Another Pulitzer Prize for Printing Fake News

By Timothy Zebell | May 6, 2020 | 0 Comments

“I listened in stunned silence as Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter for the New York Times, repeated an idea that I had vigorously argued against with her fact-checker” … What does it mean for our country when our national paper of record is repeatedly rewarded with our nation’s highest journalism prize for deliberately distorted, misleading, and false reporting? At the very least, it indicates that…

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Impeachment - When We Judge Ourselves

Impeachment: When We Judge Ourselves

The dramatic impeachment of President Trump has been filled with more twists, plot gaps, and anti-climactic revelations than any soap opera. Never has there been such a partisan impeachment process. Throughout the entire ordeal…

What Is God Trying to Accomplish through Impeachment

What Is God Trying to Accomplish Through Impeachment?

Before we become overly cynical regarding the drama unfolding in Washington D.C., perhaps we should ask the Lord whether there is a reason for our leadership’s apparent lack of wisdom and failure to provide justice and meaningful solutions to the mistakes uncovered. It could be that we ourselves are the root of the problem—not our government leaders….

Jeffrey Epstein's Story Reminds Us That True Justice Cannot Be Averted

Jeffrey Epstein’s Story Reminds Us That True Justice Cannot Be Averted

Mystery shrouds both the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. In life “he lied about the identities of his clients, his wealth, his financial prowess, his personal achievements.” In death, questions and conspiracy theories abound. Did Epstein commit suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, or was he murdered by strangulation to keep him from talking to the authorities about the elicit behavior of some of the world’s most powerful and influential personalities?

How to Use Illegal Immigration to Share the Gospel

How to Use Illegal Immigration to Share the Gospel

“People are coming to this country illegally, we are taking them out legally,” President Trump announced ahead of a planned “major operation” focused on removing criminals from America.[1] Operation Border Resolve targeted 2,105 illegal immigrants in more than a dozen cities who had received final deportation orders but had not reported to Immigration and Customs…

A Nation Divided

A Nation Divided

Robert Mueller’s investigation prompted more than 533,000 web articles according to NewsWhip data cited by Axios. For nearly two years, these articles have kept social media ablaze, generating approximately 245 million likes, comments, and shares on Twitter and Facebook. America’s obsession with Mueller’s investigation is unprecedented. Together, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC published an average of nearly 13 articles a day for almost two years….

Proof Our Nation Is Desperately Sick

Proof Our Nation Is Desperately Sick

Pedophiles, infanticide, real and fake hate-crimes, voter fraud, corruption, violence, sexual abuse within the church, promiscuity, mass shootings, anti-Semitism, government gridlock, incentivizing criminality, and more dominated our nation’s news cycle over the course of little more than one week. But because we become distracted and forget these reports after a matter of days…

Are Border Walls Immoral

Are Border Walls Immoral?

Congress is not a place known for its moral convictions, yet in this new year, our new Speaker of the House has taken upon herself the mantle of preaching morality. According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some of her colleagues, we cannot end what has become nearly the longest government shutdown in history by providing partial funding for a national border wall because our nation’s values and morality are at stake….

When Did We Learn from Kavanaugh vs Ford

What Did We Learn from Kavanaugh vs. Ford?

Far too often we find ourselves whipped into a national frenzy because of some narrative dominating the news cycle, only to set it aside weeks later and nearly forget about it. Whether it be the separation of families at the border, the opioid epidemic, net neutrality, tensions with North Korea, voter fraud, or any number of other examples, it seems as if there is always some new “national crisis” that demands our full attention, prompting us to forget about the previous emergency. And since one crisis is immediately followed by another, we never seem to stop and process what we should have learned through these nationally shared experiences…

Is Voter Fraud a Myth

Is Voter Fraud a Myth?

Controversial races in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Mississippi have fueled concerns of possible voter fraud in the 2018 midterm elections. All-the-while, the media continues to assure us that rampant voter fraud is a myth. Is this true?

Two hands preserve a green tree against a thunder-storm. Concept of preservation of the nature

Is Trump Protecting Us from National Judgment? (Part 1)

Sometimes, as Christians, it is easy to become cynical and to become so focused upon our national faults that we fail to recognize what may be the Lord’s hand at work. In the days leading up to the 2016 election, Lance Wallnau argued in his book God’s Chaos Candidate that a President Donald Trump may surprise Christians. Despite his prior moral failings and his arrogant persona, God may use President Trump to protect and empower Christians through a time of great difficulty as they guide our nation back to its Christian heritage.