A Focus on Illegal Immigration

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How to Use Illegal Immigration to Share the Gospel

How to Use Illegal Immigration to Share the Gospel

By Timothy Zebell | July 24, 2019

“People are coming to this country illegally, we are taking them out legally,” President Trump announced ahead of a planned “major operation” focused on removing criminals from America.[1] Operation Border Resolve targeted 2,105 illegal immigrants in more than a dozen cities who had received final deportation orders but had not reported to Immigration and Customs…

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One Vote Away from Tyranny

One Vote away from Tyranny

By Timothy Zebell | July 3, 2019

Regardless of one’s politics, it is deeply disturbing the frequency with which serious presidential candidates have proposed solving controversial matters through executive orders. Without blushing, multiple candidates readily declared their intention to ignore the will of the people and proper legislative process in favor of imposing their will upon the nation by executive fiat. This is particularly troubling when one considers the extreme policy positions represented among the candidates during the DNC debate….

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The Fake News Epidemic is Growing

The Fake News Epidemic Is Growing

By Timothy Zebell | January 23, 2019

In the waning hours of the anniversary of the president’s 2018 fake news awards, we were reminded that the problem of fake news persists today. Moreover, it seems to be growing, as is evidenced by BuzzFeed’s now debunked bombshell report which triggered an avalanche of frenzied analysis and reporting by nearly all major news outlets…

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Does God Support Open Borders?

By David Warn | January 16, 2019

The controversy over how to secure our southern border has produced the longest government shutdown in America’s history. Much has been said about the morality of building a wall, its effectiveness, the cost, and whether President Trump is demanding a wall for political gain. However, as this debate rages, I can’t seem to escape this question: How much of the resistance to secure our borders is rooted in an ideological commitment to globalism?…

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Are Border Walls Immoral

Are Border Walls Immoral?

By Timothy Zebell | January 9, 2019

Congress is not a place known for its moral convictions, yet in this new year, our new Speaker of the House has taken upon herself the mantle of preaching morality. According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some of her colleagues, we cannot end what has become nearly the longest government shutdown in history by providing partial funding for a national border wall because our nation’s values and morality are at stake….

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Is There a Spiritual Issue Behind the Immigration Debate

Is There a Spiritual Issue behind the Immigration Debate?

By Timothy Zebell | July 25, 2018

When illegal immigrants are granted all the rights and privileges of citizenship without a change of allegiance, it can be said that the foreigner is rising in influence among us. Sometimes, as a means of judgment, God permits foreigners to make demands, to oppress, and sometimes even to invade and conquer nations in sin….

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A Pattern of Fake News

A Pattern of Fake News

By Timothy Zebell | June 20, 2018

Despite only being at the mid-point in June, this has been an active month for “fake news” reports. Increasingly, our nation’s most prominent news outlets are presenting facts in a manner that seems to be intentionally misleading … hence the popular accusation, “fake news.”

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