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Warning Signals for the Church

Uvalde Shooting and Bloodiest Memorial Day Weekend Are Warning Signals for the Church

By Timothy Zebell | June 1, 2022

How is it that Fox News is providing more timely and relevant spiritual perspective and application to social issues than many of our nation’s churches?  We should not find more spiritual nourishment from our political pundits than we do from our pulpits….

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No More Divisions - Confronting Gun Control

No More Divisions: Confronting Gun Control

By Timothy Zebell | March 23, 2021

Few things divide Americans like the issue of gun control, and debate on the matter is often visceral. Sometimes we become so entrenched in our political camp that we lose perspective on the debate. In the case of gun control, we may be surprised to discover that, throughout American history, robust gun laws have always existed alongside a firm belief in gun rights….

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Truth May Be the Greatest Casualty of Mass Shootings

Truth May Be the Greatest Casualty of Mass Shootings

By Timothy Zebell | August 14, 2019

The facts-first model of journalism is the latest casualty to social justice warriors and the Twitter mob. It began with a spree of mass shootings on Sunday, August 4. Within a 24-hour period, mass shootings occurred in El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois, but because the Dayton and Chicago shootings failed to fit the media narrative, they were largely ignored….

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Blinding Effects of Preferred Narratives

The Blinding Effect of Preferred Narratives

By Timothy Zebell | June 5, 2019

As humans, we possess an incredible ability to convince ourselves of what we want to believe, irrespective of what reality may be. In the immediate hours following the murder of 12 people at a Virginia Beach municipal office, Senator Chris Murphy tweeted…

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Proof Our Nation Is Desperately Sick

Proof Our Nation Is Desperately Sick

By Timothy Zebell | March 13, 2019

Pedophiles, infanticide, real and fake hate-crimes, voter fraud, corruption, violence, sexual abuse within the church, promiscuity, mass shootings, anti-Semitism, government gridlock, incentivizing criminality, and more dominated our nation’s news cycle over the course of little more than one week. But because we become distracted and forget these reports after a matter of days…

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Leadership that Matters

Leadership That Matters

By David Warn | August 1, 2018

In Jeremiah’s day, the religious leaders neglected their responsibility by declaring that everything was good. What about us? Do we declare peace when, from God’s perspective, there are deeply consequential issues that are not being addressed?

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Is a School Shooting Coming to Your Community

Is a School Shooting Coming to Your Community?

By Timothy Zebell | February 27, 2018

Listening to the top of the hour news update while driving, I was appalled by a soundbite addressing how sometimes students of the past hid under their desks to prepare for a nuclear attack, but today’s students are always hiding under their desks because they are always under attack. The speaker claimed students are being…

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Why Have School Shootings Become a Part of Our Culture

Why Have School Shootings Become a Part of Our Culture?

By Timothy Zebell | February 22, 2018

Gone are the days when chewing gum ranked among the top problems in public schools. When tragedy strikes, it is natural to opine for the “good ole days” of yesteryear when times were simpler, and morals mattered. In such moments, we are reminded of what our nation has sacrificed on its journey into relativism, and…

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Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won't Work

Why a Quick Fix for Mass Shootings Won’t Work

By Timothy Zebell | November 16, 2017

Public mass shootings incite waves of grief, fear, and outrage that lead to a strong desire to do something. Inevitably, this leads to a national debate regarding gun control. Z. Byron Wolf reports, “The details don’t really matter when it comes to mass shootings in the current political climate. The script now is set —…

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