Becoming Vocal

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More is necessary for us to engage cultural ideas and the spiritual lies that undergird them than simply becoming informed and equipped with God’s Word. We must also wield God’s truth, and this means becoming vocal. It matters little how informed we are if we do nothing with that information.

Keep in mind that our primary goal should not be to change a person’s political views. Rather, we combat spiritual lies with the truth of God’s Word in order to provoke conviction of heart and repentance. For fellow Christians, this strengthens their faith and their relationship with God. For those who are not yet believers, our goal is to see the transforming power of the gospel free them from the bondage of sin and the power of the devil.

In today’s age, becoming vocal can involve a variety of platforms.

  • Home – We may have no greater platform than our kitchen table. Are we capitalizing on this platform? Are we building relationships and creating opportunities to share the truth by inviting people into our homes for games, a movie, dinner, or desert? Are we using our homes to host a prayer gathering for our community and nation, a small group Bible study to help people stand firm in their faith, or a discussion group regarding what we are observing in our culture?
  • Relationships – Are we intentional about seizing opportunities to share the truth in our relationships? Are we bold enough to speak God’s truth into the lives of our family and friends? What about those with whom we don’t yet have an established relationship but with whom we regularly interact at our children’s school, the store, the gym, work, or church?
  • Church – Are we seeking opportunities to teach a class or a small group study in our church? Are those of us who choose not to teach, but who participate in such groups, regularly sharing our perspective with the class? What about our conversations in the hallways and fellowship areas of church? Are we intentional in how we approach these discussions?
  • Work – Are we intentional when we speak with our co-workers about their life experiences? Do we challenge workplace policies that undermine truth?
  • Internet – Are we using social media to influence people’s thinking? For what posts do we choose to like, share, and comment? Do we engage in forums? Do we have a blog, a podcast, or a video channel where we can speak the truth?
  • Mailbox – Are we mailing ministry newsletters, written letters, or cards that inform, exhort, and encourage people in truth? What about our digital mailboxes? Are we utilizing e-mail effectively?
  • Phone – We may have no more convenient platform than the telephone. Are we intentional about connecting with people via our phones? Do we use our phone calls and text messages to promote God’s truth? Are we purposefully staying connected with people in conversation so as to be able to speak into their lives regarding relevant issues?

Becoming God’s cultural influencers involves finding our voice. Never have God’s people been blessed with so many opportunities to be vocal. Whether we choose to speak face-to-face or via a medium such as the internet or telephone, we need to give voice to God’s truth within our communities.

This article comes from Heart of a Forerunner: How to Be a Relevant and Influential Voice in a Wayward Nation

Heart of a Forerunner

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Timothy Zebell

As a former missionary to Asia for twelve years and the author of several books, Timothy is passionate about helping people understand the relevancy of God's Word in today's world. His goals are to help Christians discern truth from error, empower Christians to speak into cultural matters with relevancy, and to help Christians capitalize on the opportunities that these matters provide for sharing the truth about God and His gospel message.
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