America in the Balance Bible Study

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America in the Balance is now available in print! We’ve partnered with a subsidiary of Amazon to provide you with physical book-copies of both the individual guide and the teacher’s guide as well as student notebooks.


God has a purpose for nations in His redemptive plan, and He uses such things as a rising national debt, a gridlocked government, and deteriorating family structures to expose a nation’s spiritual waywardness. America in the Balance addresses these issues and many more! Emphasizing God’s attributes and their implications for nations today, this 10-part study is ideal for both personal Bible study and small group studies. The individual guide has been specially formatted for personal use while the teacher’s guide is designed to facilitate discussion-oriented Bible study in small groups and adult Sunday school classes. America in the Balance is ideal for those who want to consider and talk about real issues using biblically-based material. (Also available as a free PDF download.)



  • Does God Care About Nations Today?
  • How Does God Interact with Nations?
  • Is God on America’s Side?
  • In What Ways Is America in Jeopardy? (Part 1)
  • In What Ways Is America in Jeopardy? (Part 2)
  • In Challenging Days, Are Christians Protected?
  • Will You Contrast the World?
  • Will You Take New Ground?
  • Will You Minister in Power?
  • The Way Forward


Here’s what others have to say about this study!

  • America In the Balance is pivotal to understanding how God interacts with all nations, but specifically the U.S.A. I was at the edge of my seat at every small group gathering, soaking in information and learning to pray for our nation. Using Jeremiah 18:7–10 as a guide, I often go back in my notes to continue to let the truth direct how I pray for our nation. This 10-week study imparts true knowledge in a way that not only teaches one to be more direct in their prayers, but also encourages one to become bolder in sharing the truth of God’s Word. The experience was amazing!

~Jessica Rogers, Homeschool Mom

  • I appreciated the relevance of this study, which brought the Scriptures, the church, and our nation into clearer focus. I especially appreciated understanding how the Old Testament speaks to and applies to us today and even into the future. Also, our discussions during the small group sessions were invaluable. I’m grateful that God has not abandoned His people, and that He is our hope regardless of what comes to our nation!

~Kim Adams, Life Action Ministries

  • Ignorance is not bliss, and our nation is clearly on a dangerous path. All wise people will admit to that. When things decay even more, what will the wise do? It is foolish to wait until the car runs out of gas in the middle of a long stretch of road to check the gauge. This curriculum will assist believers to guard against an empty tank of spiritual preparation on the long stretch of difficulty most assuredly headed our way. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” Helping people check the gauge now is the goal of America In the Balance.

~Dan Greegor, Senior Pastor, Sumnerville Bible Baptist Church

  • I found America In the Balance engaging, informative, encouraging, and strengthening. The material is well-organized for the facilitator, and the format is easy for group participants to follow. I appreciated each lesson’s theme and the opportunity for discussion on many topics.

~Larry Barrett, Author and Business Owner

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