The Redemptive Role Of Nations

Today, God is actively involved in the affairs of every nation as He seeks to draw the hearts of mankind to Himself. Nations play a critical role in God’s redemptive plan. Indeed, their purpose stretches even into eternity. What does the Bible reveal about the origin, purpose, and destiny of nations?

A Dominion Mandate

A Dominion Mandate
Part 1

Having uniquely designed humanity to serve as His stewards over creation, God bestowed upon Adam and Eve both a blessing and a charge…

Human Government Established

Human Government Established
Part 2

In order to protect life in a creation corrupted by sin, humanity would need to focus not only on the cultural disciplines needed to control animals and the environment, but also on the…

Origin of Nations

The Origin of Nations
Part 3

Shortly after experiencing a global flood that was released to cleanse the earth of its rebellion and wickedness, humanity again forfeited its renewed opportunity to steward God’s creation in submission to His will….

Purpose of Nations

The Purpose of Nations
Part 4

God may have established nations in judgment, but His heart was filled with mercy….

When God Troubles a Nation

When God Troubles A Nation
Part 5

Sometimes God must trouble a nation before it is willing to look beyond itself….

Fate of Nations

The Fate of Nations
Part 6

Far from becoming obsolete at the return of Christ, nations will continue to play an important role in God’s redemption story throughout eternity….

Nations in Eternity

Nations in Eternity
Part 7

Nations will retain a form of human government with God’s faithful servants appointed as kings over nations…

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