Hope for a National U-Turn

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Hope for America largely rests in the next generation turning to Christ, and specifically among those who will one day lead the nation in education, law, business, government, religion, family, the arts, and media. Because of this reality, it is vital that we see a sweeping move of God throughout our nation’s colleges in universities.


Asking God to move in this way is not an unrealistic prayer goal. In 1995, while overseeing a campus ministry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I witnessed what God can do when He manifests His presence on a thoroughly secular campus. During that and subsequent semesters, I saw more students come to faith, more believers experience changed lives, and more students go on short and long-term mission trips than at any time previous. This is typical fruit during any season of revival!


With this mind, I want to direct you to a powerful blog by David Smithers at the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP) website. I’m sure you will be blessed by David’s insights, and I encourage you to also look around the website and consider adopting a campus or two for prayer. The Collegiate Day of Prayer is the last Thursday in February every year. It’s coming quick!


Also, at 8:00 p.m., eastern time, Thursday, February 27, consider watching the live CDOP simulcast broadcasted from Yale University at our Forerunners of America Facebook page. Forerunners has partnered at the deepest level with other ministries to see this day of prayer and this live simulcast become a reality.


In the meantime, please go to David Smither’s blog “If My People” and become even more passionate about what God wants to do for the next generation and for America!

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David Warn

Dave Warn is the founder and director of Forerunners of America, a ministry dedicated to help people discern the hour, respond in faith, and help bring in the greatest spiritual harvest our nation has experienced in generations.
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