It is when we believe spiritual lies and false arguments that a demonic stronghold is established in our lives, and ultimately in our culture (2 Cor. 10:3–5). As Christians, we are called to challenge these ideas. They may manifest themselves in the form of political causes, lifestyle choices, attitudes, and trends, but at their core is a spiritual lie. However, before we can engage cultural ideas and the spiritual lies that undergird them, we must be informed.

Culture in Focus applies God’s Word to today’s headlines to expose spiritual lies and equip Christians to have meaningful conversations. These researched articles are designed to inform Christians about what is transpiring in our culture and why it matters to God. It could be that many of our national troubles are God’s response to our culture.


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Palm Sunday Is More Culturally Relevant Than You Imagine

Palm Sunday Is More Culturally Relevant Than You Imagine

By Timothy Zebell | March 30, 2023 | Comments Off on Palm Sunday Is More Culturally Relevant Than You Imagine

Content with their religious routine and traditions, Israel’s spiritual leaders prioritized peace over participation in what God was accomplishing. Nonetheless, God’s truth would not be suppressed….

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Stop Pining for the Good Old Days

Stop Pining for the Good Old Days

By Timothy Zebell | March 21, 2023 | Comments Off on Stop Pining for the Good Old Days

For some of us, this cultural full-court press encourages a mentality that pines for the good old days of yesteryear when times were simpler and our culture was more “Christian.” Such longing is certainly understandable, but it is neither helpful nor accurate. The cultural change our nation needs is…

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Heart of a Forerunner - How to be a Relevant & Influential Voice in a Wayward Nation - Book by Timothy Zebell

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